Every day there are a thousand good reasons why we look forward to going to the fridge! We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 for you…

This is why we love heading to the fridge:

  1. Because only the fridge meets our secret longings and desires, appealing to our taste buds with tasty treats of every kind. Olives, cheeses, chocolate puddings – a feast of delights!
  1. Because, if you make a quick move after shopping, there’s a chance of getting to that scrumptious dessert ahead of the rest of the family (and the dog!).
  1. Because you hope that your other half might have put some chocolate bars in to chill down.
  1. Because a cool, organic cucumber face mask makes you feel human again after a night out partying. Without a fridge… impossible!
  1. Because, if you’re watching your favourite football team on TV, a few nicely chilled beers from what’s usually used as the vegetable compartment are a must.
  1. Because the fridge brings all the family together. It’s the place you’ll find the kids in the early hours of the morning when they’ve just got in from a club, and the place you’ll bump into your partner during their post CNY diet! Everyone’s there to find a little something to keep them going.
  1. Because biting the head off a crunchy carrot is a better way to deal with your frustration than biting the head off the nearest and dearest person to you.
  1. Because it fosters your creativity: no Michelin star chef has ever conjured up something tasty from a little mustard, a few mussels and some strawberry jam, have they? Exactly…!
  1. Because a journey there can take you to a faraway place, by the taste of foreign cuisine!
  1. Because it’s a gorgeous Liebherr appliance…!

Do you agree? Or do you have other reasons why you like to head to the fridge? Let us know why you enjoy long walks to the fridge, comment below.