What can be more relaxing than a glass of wine after a long, hectic day? However, what if the champagne that you were so looking forward to is not chilled? Or god forbid that you spill red wine on your favourite shirt! Such hiccups can easily ruin your pleasure, so bear in mind these 10 tricks that every wine lover should know:

1. Chill a champagne bottle with wet paper towels

Wet some paper towels, wrap them around the champagne bottle, and leave it in your freezer for 10-15 minutes. Then, voilà!

p.s. Don’t forget the bottle or allow the wine to freeze – the bottle might crack if placed inside the freezer for too long.

chill wine bottle with wet paper towels

2. Chill a wine bottle with ice and salt

Add salt to your wine bucket that’s full of ice. Salt reduces the freezing point of ice and lowers the temperature of your wine bottle.

chill wine with salt

3. Chill wine with frozen grapes

Some of us like to take it slow, but wine does not stay chilled for long. Ice cubes can do the job but will inevitably dilute the drink. Our solution – frozen grapes. Keep frozen grapes on hand and put them into your glass of wine in place of ice cubes.

chill wine with frozen grapes

4. Open a wine bottle without a wine opener

  • Put the bottom of your wine bottle on the wine end of a shoe
  • Take the bottle by the top with one hand and the shoe with another
  • Press the bottle into the shoe hard and hit it gently on a wall until the cork starts to ease out
  • Pull the cork out with your hand
open wine bottle without wine opener

5. Remove fresh red wine stain with milk

Oops! Spilling red wine on a favourite shirt is definitely one of our biggest nightmares. To salvage it, quickly soak the shirt in fresh milk. The stain will disappear within an hour.

remove wine stain with milk

6. Remove fresh red wine stain with salt

Alternatively, immediately after spilling, use salt to absorb the red wine stain.

remove wine stain with salt

7. Remove dried red wine stain with shaving foam

If the stain has dried, fret not. Cover it with shaving foam, put the shirt in your washing machine, and wash with hot water.

remove wine stain with shaving foam

8. What to order – a bottle or glass of wine?

When dining at a restaurant, always order a bottle of wine – one glass of wine can cost as much as what the restaurant paid for the bottle! What’s more, waiters often pour a glass of wine from an already-opened bottle so its original flavor might have been altered.

bottle or glass of wine?

9. Where to buy wine from?

Whenever possible, buy your wine directly from the wine producer.

buy wine from producer

10. How to store an open wine bottle?

To retain the quality of an open bottle of wine, it is important to store it at appropriate temperatures. Always avoid putting your wine by a window or under direct sunlight.

  • Red Wine: Store between 14-18 °С
  • White Wine: Store between 8-10 °С
  • Champagne and Sparkling Wine: Store between 5-7 °С
  • Rose and Dessert Wine: Store between 11-13 °С
best wine storage temperatures

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