In our previous post, we talked about why you should start cooking with the family. Today we will share with you some tips to finally start that activity.


1. Prepare a schedule

Of course it’s not every day that everyone is free to help out. Delegate tasks in advance and pick out the best day in the week, say Saturdays are Family Cooking Day. Start one day per week, and once everyone got a hold of it, add another. Everyone will just be used to it, they’d even make it into a habit.

Cutting vegetables

2. Make adjustments

Start with easy to prepare meals. Learning a new skill takes time, most importantly when cooking with the young ones. Try with small tasks like delegating them with washing the veggies or setting the table. If time permits, guide them how to use sharp objects such as the peeler and then slowly transition to using the knife. It certainly will be a slow process but everyone will surely have fun if they don’t feel rushed or constricted.

3. Be adventurous

Try something new every week, new food or cuisine. This can help encourage kids to learn new things and explore other cultures through food. It’s a fun way to discover new family favourites too!

Homemade pastry

4. Make room for laughter (and disaster)

Kitchen disasters are not uncommon, it happens even to the best of chefs out there. If the little one passed you salt instead of sugar, laugh it off! Also, try to fix those mishaps and solve them as a family. It makes everyone feel comfortable with mistakes and is a way to help them deal with frustration. Because there’s always a workaround in every scenarios life gives us, it’s the way we handle them.

5. Attend cooking classes

Sometimes you need other people’s knowledge to learn new things. Cooking classes allow you to mingle with other families, have good conversations with fellow parents, while the kids feel more welcomed and at ease knowing that there are other kids around. Sharing your passion for food not just with the family but with other people will give you a fun and worthwhile experience.


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