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Despite years of experience in the kitchen, many people still make gaffes when preparing or storing food. Today we have gathered 6 of the most common kitchen mistakes we all make so you don’t make one in future!

1) Storing Fruits And Vegetables Together

This is a very common practice in many households. Storing fruits and vegetables together is not recommended because certain fruits (e.g. apples, bananas, mangoes) emit more ethylene. A small hydrocarbon gas, ethylene is a natural plant hormone that forces the ripening of fruits. Therefore storing your greens nearby will cause those vegetables to mature and spoil much faster.

Store your fruits and vegetables separately

2) Refrigerating Stone Fruits

You are probably used to refrigerating stone fruits (e.g. peaches, plums, nectarines) and tomatoes, but it is actually best not to. This is because the low temperature can turn their textures into an unpleasant mush and the taste will be defoliated.

However if you own a Liebherr refrigerator that is equipped with our BioFresh technology, feel free to keep them chilled inside! Our fruit and vegetable compartments are designed to maintain optimum temperature and humidity for fresh produce.

3) Storing Hot Food In Plastic Containers

Many plastic containers contain chemicals such as BPA and BPS which are associated with endocrine disorders, obesity, and reproductive problems. When storing hot food in plastic containers, the heat allows these harmful chemicals to penetrate your food. In fact, one study found that plastics can emit BPA chemicals 55 times faster when exposed to warm water as compared to room temperature water (source here).  

The solution is simple. Instead of plastic containers, grab a glass or ceramic that does not contain BPA or BPS. However if you must use a plastic container, allow hot food to cool down before packing it in.

4) Storing Too Much Food At The Top Of The Refrigerator

Refrigerators do generate heat even on the inside, and we all know that warmer air tends to rise upwards. Therefore in most conventional refrigerators, temperature in the upper part of the unit is higher and that is where food break down fastest. Of course, you can play smart and store food that does not require such low temperatures at the top of the refrigerator. However, if you have a Liebherr refrigerator with PowerCooling, even better.

This innovative cooling technology allows temperature to be uniformed throughout the appliance interior – you will not need to worry about varying temperatures! Meanwhile our FreshAir system, an activated carbon filter integrated in the system fan, purifies the air and cleans out odours.


5) Opening Your Oven Door While Baking

Nobody wants to burn this lasagne or miss the moment when the moussaka must be laid, but constantly peeking in the oven is not a good idea. Opening your oven door while baking allows a lot of heat to escape, thus reducing the required interior temperature for optimum baking. This means your food will take longer to cook and it will be cooked less evenly. If you really need to check on your cooking, try to open the oven door just once.

kitchen mistakes open oven


Constantly peeking in the oven is not a good idea!

6) Washing Fruits And Vegetables Prematurely

Do not wash fruits and vegetables unless you intend to eat or cook them right away, if not they will turn mouldy really fast. And when it comes to mushrooms, their porous structure absorbs moisture like a sponge hence we suggest cleaning them with a damp cloth. Alternatively is definitely okay to wash them but dry with paper towels before cooking.

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