Do you know what we mean when we talk about an automatic fridge-freezer? At Liebherr we differentiate between the two types of fridge-freezer appliance: there are automatic fridge-freezers and combination fridge-freezers. Here is how an automatic appliance works.

So do you know the difference between a combination fridge-freezer and an automatic fridge-freezer? If you haven’t quite been able to answer, “Yes, of course I do!” then read on. Basically it’s this: with an automatic fridge-freezer there is only one temperature zone, and with a combination fridge-freezer there are two. Automatic fridge-freezers have only one control system that governs the refrigeration and freezer compartments, so effectively you have only one temperature zone. This means that the temperature in the refrigerator compartment has a corresponding temperature in the freezer compartment, for example, +5° C in the refrigerator compartment corresponding to -18° C in the freezer compartment. If you change the temperature in the refrigerator compartment, there will be a corresponding automatic change of temperature in the freezer compartment.

Depending on how much higher you turn up the refrigerator temperature, the freezer compartment will become correspondingly “warmer”. With this system, if you’re planning on going away on a lengthy summer holiday and want to turn off the fridge to save energy, you will also be turning off the freezer compartment. In such circumstances, we would recommend that you use up all your food in advance, so that there are no nasty, thawed out surprises upon your return! Automatic fridge-freezers are also classed as either top freezers or bottom freezers, according to the location of the freezer compartment relative to the refrigeration compartment.

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