Liebherr is synonymous with excellence and with state-of-the-art German technology, all our refrigerators and wine cabinets are built to last.

Still, it is not everyday that you get to see a vintage Liebherr product. Hence imagine our excitement when a big fan of Liebherr invited us over to check out the 27-year-old Liebherr wine cabinet sitting in her Singapore home! It was indeed an eye-opener to see this vintage beauty still functioning and so well-maintained over the years. Join us as we interview the owner, Mrs Roslyn Goh.


Q: Was this wine cabinet your own purchase or a gift to you?

A: I purchased it from Thailand in 1992. At that time, Liebherr’s appliances are not yet available in Singapore.

Q: When did you first hear about our brand?

A: I had a business contact who is a distributor of Liebherr Tower Cranes. I needed a wine cabinet and he told me that Liebherr also offers refrigerators and wine cabinets!

Q: What made you decide on this brand?

A: I liked the design and the quality feels good, so I bought it.

Q: Having owned this wine cabinet for 27 years, what are your thoughts about this product?

A: It has served its purpose well and is very reliable. In fact, we own two other larger Liebherr wine cabinets! They are not noisy and I am very happy with this brand.

Q: Have you ever had to arrange for servicing for this wine cabinet?

A: There was an issue with the thermostat about 10 years ago which required a replacement. In general it is very easy maintaining it.

Q: Have you ever recommended Liebherr to your friends and family?

A: Yes, and my son just bought one! He enjoys all kinds of wine, so he opted for the WTes 5872 that has 3 temperature zones.

Q: Do you use this wine cabinet more for storage or serving purposes?

A: This small model is meant for serving purposes. I have another large Liebherr wine cabinet that is meant for long-term storage and I try not to open it too often.

Q: What types of wine do you store in this wine cabinet most of the time?

A: I store mainly Old World wine from France, Italy, and Spain. Since I enjoy mostly red wine, I only needed single-temperature-zone wine cabinets.

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