Visualise refrigeration perfection: An energy efficient refrigerator with a timeless, elegant design and smooth surfaces that are easily cleaned. A refrigerator that rapidly chills your food to its optimum refrigeration temperature and then keeps it fresher for much longer than usual. An impressively spacious yet space-efficient refrigerator, with amazingly intuitive electronic controls and full of innovative new technology that makes your everyday life easier.

Introducing the new BluPerformance range. 

energy efficient refrigerator

Featuring premium-quality materials, perfect workmanship down to the finest detail, superior convenience, and precise touch-electronic controls, this range of innovative appliances offers enhanced performance in every way. With all the refrigeration technology being compactly integrated into the base of the appliance, up to 20% more space is freed up for food storage! Read on to discover how our BluPerformance range initiates a whole new dimension in refrigeration and freezing.

Ultra Long-Lasting Freshness: BioFresh

The BioFresh compartments in this new generation of appliances are significantly larger. In our premium appliances, all BioFresh safes can be flexibly set to either a high or low humidity via the humidity control panel to provide the best environment for different types of food.

BioFresh drawer

Activated Charcoal Filter

On top of long-lasting freshness with BioFresh, a FreshAir activated charcoal filter is integrated into the PowerCooling fan’s housing. This cleans the circulating air and quickly traps contaminating odours to ensure optimum air quality so that your fruits and vegetables continue to smell great!

Activated charcoal filter

Design & Interior Features

Liebherr’s timeless HardLine design with clear, minimalist lines ensures that all our appliances are a visual masterpiece in your home. The integrated door hinging underscores the sharp, premium-quality appearance. Smooth opening of the appliance door is ensured by the opening mechanism integrated into the handle.


In the appliance interior, we have the perfect food storage solutions for your every need – VarioSafe for smaller food items, packets, tubes, and jars as well as premium GlassLine fittings to facilitate a clear, organised overview of stored food. LED ceiling lighting provides homogeneous illumination throughout the entire interior.


Energy Saving Functions

On the touchscreen displays of this energy efficient series, functions can be activated to reduce energy consumption. For example, the EnergySaver program slightly increases the preset temperature and the Holiday program raises the refrigerator compartment temperature to 15°C during prolonged absences, without affecting the freezer compartment temperature.

SBSes 8486 flushed-in

BluPerformance appliances are now available in APAC. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest product updates and news!