Have you ever noticed that there is branding on the cork of a wine bottle and wondered what it is for?

branding on cork

Let’s say you ordered a bottle of wine. The waiter opens the bottle, which may have spent years in the wine cellar. Maybe the label has become illegible or it may not even be on the bottle anymore. He holds up the cork and gives it to you.

He is not asking you to smell it (…but we won’t stop you if you do)! By looking at the branding labelled on the cork, you will be able to authenticate the wine as the real deal. Of course, it also helps in cases where sellers are dishonest and relabel wines – it is much harder to replace the cork than the label on the bottle itself.

branding on cork

While improvements have been made to the printing and adhesion process of labels, as well as putting identifying information directly on the bottle, most vineyards hold on to the tradition. Of course, the gradual acceptance of screw-caps even for high quality wines means that, sadly, this once highly useful 2-step authentication is slowly fading away…

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