The IKF 3510 from Liebherr offers a lot of convenience: with a usable volume of 325 litres and a practical pull-out drawer, it can now accommodate and chill down an entire crate of beer or soft drinks.

Have you ever tried to get a whole crate of drinks into a refrigerator? Well, that’s not so easy at all! Of course you can take the individual bottles out of the crate and then place them in your fridge. But for those who really like things to be simple and convenient there is now the very practical alternative of being able to fit a full beer or soft drinks crate into a fridge. It’s called the IKF 3510 and it comes from Liebherr.

Two removable bottle baskets on the pull-out shelf offer lots of space for bottles and packaged drinks – or even a whole crate of beer or soft drinks. The integrated handle makes carrying easy and the adjustable bottle holders keep everything secure.
And thanks to the SuperCool system the fridge temperature can be lowered to +2 °C for up to 12 hours – ideal for rapid chilling of freshly stored foods.

The IKF 3510 built-in refrigerator also has two transparent vegetable compartments so you can see exactly how your stocks of fruit and vegetables are looking.
And let’s not forget the simple appliance controls utilising MagicEye and a digital temperature display. Thanks to the efficient LED lighting, the inner compartment is always well illuminated – what’s more, LEDs don’t emit any heat which could possibly harm food quality.

And because the appliance is integratable, it can be installed without any problem behind a furniture door, and so will integrate perfectly in your kitchen, creating a unified look to blend with other kitchen units. So the appliance achieves quite a lot in terms of its design! You can see it has all sorts of useful features – and not just for ‘beer drinkers’ who want to store entire crates in their refrigerator.

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