Control panel – the brains behind a Liebherr appliance. An intelligent electronic device that communicates with other parts of the appliance. It tells other elements what to do and shows you what’s happening via our electronic display panel. And in most of our electronic displays, you have picture icons that help indicate what each function does – no need for an instruction manual! In all seriousness… you should read the instruction manual at least once. But after that, navigating the electronic display should be a breeze.

Liebherr Appliance

What Are The Functions And Features Operated By Our Control Panel?

It is no longer about the flick of a switch to power your appliance on and off. Or turning a dial to select desired temperatures. Now, with the touch of a button, your wish is its command. So just what are the functions and features operated by our control panel?

Setting Temperatures

For setting temperatures, press the upward pointing arrow to increase the temperature. To make it colder, push the downward arrow. It cannot be easier!

And did you know? The temperature displayed on the control panel of a Liebherr indicates the actual temperature of its interior. For example, if you select 4°C it will be displayed for several seconds before reverting back to the actual temperature the interior is currently at, say 10°C. The display will then continue to change numbers until the actual interior temperature hits 4°C.

Biofresh Adjustments

If you find the BioFresh or BioFresh-Plus drawer a little too cold or warm, adjust the temperature slightly via the BioFresh control panel. Be sure to select the right climate zones for different types of groceries to ensure ultimate freshness! DrySafe for fish and meat, HydroSafe for fruits and vegetables.


Protect Your Food And Wine

Need to stop little fingers from changing the temperatures or switching off the appliance? Simply activate the child lock via the control panel.

Alarm Functions

Our appliances have a series of visible and/or audible alarms that will alert you when the door is left ajar or if temperature falls out of your selected range. In the unlikely event of a malfunction, the alarm will also sound or display.

And when the occasion arises for a water or dust filter change, a little indicator will appear on the display (selected models only). Now we aren’t being pushy, but the little indicator is here to stay until you’ve tackled the reminder task and selected to remove the notification from display.

Special Features

You can also easily activate special features such as SuperCool and SuperFrost via the electronic display panel.


Dimmable LED Lighting

Most of our Liebherr models feature dimmable LED lights so you can adjust the brightness however you wish.

P.S. For selected models, even our electronic display panels can have their brightness adjusted.

As the brains behind Liebherr appliances, our control panels do the above and more. Find out the exact functions and features for each model by visiting our website!