It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that we tend to overlook what is really important: cultivating quality time with the family. The best way to make the most of your time and make sure that you’re spending it wisely with the most important people is through active involvement – like cooking! You might think that it’s counter-productive but cooking in particular is a great activity that is best shared with the family and is beneficial in so many ways.


Kitchen, the training ground to eating healthy

Eating healthy starts at home, most particularly, in the kitchen. When kids helped prepare the meal, you give them the chance to feel that they contributed something to the family. At the same time, they get more familiar with the ingredients and the way the meals were prepared. This teaches them to take on a responsibility at a young age. Also, this can help you introduce those greens in their daily meals. They shouldn’t be declining it, because they prepared and cooked it themselves. 😉

Cooking with the family reduces the frequency of eating outside

Eating outside is definitely unavoidable, especially when you’re just too busy with work and you try to make it up to the family by suggesting, why don’t we dine out tonight? Well maybe you can have an excuse to limit those. Because you have more hands helping you now. Make sure to delegate tasks to everyone and leave no one behind. Even if washing the veggies or setting the table. It certainly helps you prepare meals faster, so no more excuse in having to get takeaways.


Cooking with the family helps you create lasting bonds and memories

Food brings people closer together: strangers, friends, families and loved ones. There’s just something with sharing a meal with someone that helps one connect with the other. Preparing and cooking meals together makes it even more fun! You get to use the time to exchange stories with the family and it’s a great way to pass on some family heritage. You know those secret recipes your grandma passed on to your mum – which she in turn passed on to you? It’s the right time to pass it on to the kiddos!

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