Who doesn’t love ice cream? Most especially on a tropical country where we only get two seasons: sunny or rainy and most of the time it’s sunny whole year round with bits of rain here and there. So ice cream then, the answer to that dreaded sweating every time you get out of the house. We usually wait for the bell ringing made by ice cream makers, surely its music to the ears. Well, you don’t always have to wait for them or rush to the supermarket because guess what – it’s not that hard to make. Yes, you can make your own ice cream and ice-lollies yourself in the confines of your home. We’ll show you how…

How would you like a somewhat lighter option to the usual rich, creamy dairy ice cream? One that’s more refreshing on hot days and contains fewer calories? Can you really make ice-cream-based lollies from nothing more than milk and fruits? Of course! We’ve created a tasty recipe of mango, peach and strawberry ice-lollies for you:


Makes 2 lollies
250 ml whole milk
100 g mango
100 g peach
5 medium-sized strawberries

You can use other fruits too, just make sure you choose fruits that are extremely ripe when you buy it – it’s already naturally very sweet so you won’t need to add sugar.
To make the ice-lollies you’ll need an ice-lolly mould. There are plenty of these available for purchase online or even at your favourite supermarket!

How to make ice-lollies:
First, peel the mango and peach. Remove the seeds and cut the fruits into small cubes. Next, slice the strawberries.
Now put the milk, mango and peach cubes in a blender and blend to create a smooth mixture. Pour the milk and fruits mixture into the ice-lolly mould, together with the sliced strawberries, and place in the freezer for at least six hours.
Liebherr offers an extensive range of energy-saving freezers that are perfect for the job. Just take a look at our website.
Once the ice-lollies have reached their perfect consistency, remove the moulds from the freezer and place them above warm water to release the lollies easily from the mould.
Now all that’s left to be done is to enjoy your treat!

Homemade banana ice cream:


If you want to surprise your guests with something special, try our banana ice cream recipe that’s been exclusively created by our team in the Interalpen Hotel:

250 ml cream
250 ml milk
110 g sugar
2 eggs
2 yolks
3 bananas
2 sheets of gelatine (softened in cold water)

Heat the cream, milk and sugar together. Add the eggs and yolks while heating on a low heat, stirring slowly and continually. Puree the bananas and add it in whilst stirring. Finally, add the softened gelatine. Put everything into an ice cream maker and leave to cool. The delicious banana ice cream will then be ready to enjoy.
A tip from the Interalpen kitchen: “We serve this ice cream with tasty chocolate chip and mint crumble”. Give it a try for a whole new taste sensation!

Enjoy and good luck impressing your friends and loved ones!

Let us know if you have any suggestions or recipes that you would like to learn. Or share with us your favourite ice cream recipes. Use the comment function below this post or start/join in discussions with us on Facebook.

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