If wine tasting is more than just a fun time out for you, you need to awaken your senses and avoid anything that interferes with your sense of taste. Our wine expert, Frank Kämmer, shares how to make your wine tasting the real deal.

Wine tasting amongst professionals has very to do with bonhomie and pleasure. Rather, it is a serious affair involving a sober ritual aiming to discern the wine’s quality. If you are planning to add a few new bottles to your collection, know that these simple things professionals do will help you with keeping your senses sharp. After all, you don’t want to lay down a bottle only to find yourself shaking your head over it later…

Wine Tasting: Opt For A Well-Ventilated Room

It may seem romantic to carry out a wine tasting in a dimly lit wine cellar, but that’s not a good idea! Anyone who wants to make a discerning and objective judgement about a wine should conduct their tasting in a bright, well-ventilated room. Also pay attention to your own personal preparation as perfume or aftershave can be very disruptive influences. Not only outside odours influence your cognitive abilities during a tasting – one of the first things most laymen notice at professional tastings is the intense silence.

Silence Is Golden!

Talking, street noise or music are all likely to break concentration, as are glaring colours and pictures. Even a particularly captivating view can negatively affect the focus of your nose and palate.

It is also known that smoking suppresses our smelling and tasting abilities. Therefore, experienced tasters who smokes will leave a good 30 minutes between their last cigarette and the first tasting. You also need to be aware that our senses tend to be more alert on an empty stomach – experts always complete tastings BEFORE meal times.

We hope these tips serve you well at your next tasting session – enjoy!


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