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It’s World Health Day on 7th April, the day when the World Health Organisation (WHO) annually commemorates its founding in 1948. Ever since its inception, this day has always had a different theme and this year it’s ‘Food Safety’.

Food Safety is an issue that touches our lives on a daily basis, whenever we come into contact with food: whether we’re at home in the evening at the dinner table or at work visiting the canteen. But what do we need to pay particular attention to when it comes to safe food storage?

Perhaps you’re familiar with this kind of situation: you’ve spent all day looking forward to a nice crisp salad but, when you get home, to your absolute horror and annoyance, you discover that your nice crisp salad is in fact all soggy and wilted! What a disappointment!

So why do foods spoil like this? The blame lies with, among other things, microorganisms, such as bacteria, yeasts and moulds. These usually find their way into the food from outside sources and then they multiply rapidly on the food’s surface. Since the multiplying of most bacteria is slowed or even prohibited at cool temperatures, perishable foods should always be refrigerated right up until their consumption or their preparation as part of a meal.

So, with regard to our ‘sorry salad story’, this would mean that the salad would have kept fresh for up to 5 days in a refrigerator, and for up to 13 days in a Liebherr BioFresh compartment.

Now, returning to this year’s World Health Day and food safety… WHO have put forward five key recommendations when handling food:

  1. Maintain cleanliness
  2. Store raw and cooked foods separately
  3. Heat foods thoroughly
  4. Store foodstuffs at safe temperatures
  5. Use clean, safe water and raw ingredients

Of course, as specialists in refrigeration and freezing, Liebherr is particularly committed to recommendation 4 of WHO’s food handling guidelines. Our refrigerators and freezers have a whole host of features to ensure that foods are always stored in the ideal conditions, and this means that foods stay fresher for longer.

Precision temperature setting

Appliances with touch electronics deliver constant temperatures throughout the whole of the refrigeration zone. Not only are foods chilled gently and consistently, they also maintain their freshness for longer.

Flexible interior configuration

Appliances with the VarioSafe concept provide dedicated storage areas for smaller food items, packets, tubes and jars. The GlassLine storage shelves are shatterproof and scratch resistant. They are very easy to clean, contributing to overall refrigerator hygiene, and they offer plenty of space to store raw and cooked foods safely and separately.

Greater freshness with DrySafe and HydroSafe

Thanks to BioFresh technology, food stays fresher for much longer than in a conventional refrigerator because the BioFresh drawers create perfect environmental conditions. The BioFresh drawers provide a temperature of just over 0°C, together with the appropriate humidity level, so that fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products all retain their quality and nutritional content for considerably longer. The bottom line for you is: greater freshness and greater enjoyment.

Automatic closing

If a refrigerator door stays open for longer than necessary coldness will be lost, with warm air invading the refrigerator. Energy will then need to be consumed to restore the correct degree of coolness within the system. With Liebherr’s integrated SoftSystem, appliance doors close automatically from an opening angle of 45° to prevent too much outside warmth entering. This safeguards foods, keeping them chilled to the constant compartment temperature, and your appliance consumes less energy.

Open door alarm

If your appliance isn’t fitted with SoftSystem and, in all the hustle and bustle of your hectic kitchen life, you forget to close the refrigerator door, an open door alarm will let you know so you can avoid the risk of temperatures rising in the interior and thereby protect your stored foods.

At Liebherr, food safety is very close to our heart and, for this reason, we are committed to continuously developing innovative solutions to keep your foods fresh for as long as possible.

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