When it comes to keeping your food and wine secure, Liebherr has got you covered. Our appliances have up to 3 different warning signals that will alert you before it is too late – because nobody wants to come home to melted ice cream or meat gone bad. Here’s how Liebherr keeps your food and wine secure with our safety features.

Door Open Warning Signal: For Energy Efficiency

SBSes 7165

When the fridge or wine cabinet door is left open for too long (because sometimes we just need more time to select the perfect wine for today’s meal), temperature inside the appliance will rise and it has to work harder to keep your goods chilled.

If your Liebherr door is inadvertently left ajar or being kept open, a visual and audible warning signal will go off. This helps to remind you to shut the door soon to protect your good and also for energy efficiency.

Malfunction Warning Signal: For Servicing

Liebherr’s promise is to bring quality refrigeration to your home. However sometimes malfunctions can still occur, as with every other product out there, especially when you have had them for a long time. In the unlikely event of your appliance malfunctioning, selected models feature a malfunction warning signal indicating a fault number which can assist with the servicing process.

Temperature Alarm: For Maintaining Perfect Storage Conditions

Safety Features temperature control

We know that maintaining perfect storage conditions for your goods is very important for ultimate freshness, hence the temperature alarm. This function is programmed to alert you for prompt investigation whenever the temperature varies from your selected range.

Key Lock Entry: For Protecting Your Prized Wines

SBSes 7165

When it comes to protecting your prized wines, Liebherr has just what you need. All our wine cabinets comes with key lock entry to keep your fine collection safe from unwanted intrusions or the inquisitive nature of little children.

Child Lock: For Those Careless Moments

Our MagicEye control panel features a child lock function. When activated, the child lock prevents your Liebherr from being switched off or temperatures from being changed unintentionally which can result in damaged groceries.

SoftSystem: For Gentle Door Closing


Imagine your fully loaded fridge door swinging close so hard that glass bottles rattle about and make a mess – what a nuisance that can be! Not anymore with our SoftSystem technology. Integrated onto the door, this technology automatically closes the door from an opening angle of 30°C while cushioning the movement, even when the door is fully loaded.

With all these safety features, it is little wonder why a Liebherr will be your best investment. Features and functions do vary depending on the product model, so please visit our website for complete product specifications of individual appliances.