Liebherr French door fridge-freezers offers optimal food freshness and perfect storage on a grand scale. Available as either freestanding or built-in, they have ample storage space and innovative features, as well as being distinctively sleek and stylish. Read along to learn more about the Liebherr French door refrigerators.   

Liebherr french door refrigerator

Liebherr’s French Door Setup

The main elements of a French door are the double wing doors of the fridge – where it was also named after. Not just aesthetically pleasing, they also require less space than refrigerators with single doors as they don’t swing out so far on opening. The freezer compartment in Liebherr French door appliances consist of two pull-out drawers, which offers a perfect view of the inside content and have an extremely ergonomic design.

Difference between French door and Side-by-Side models

In Side-by-Side appliances, the refrigerator and freezer compartments are positioned next to each other. French door fridge-freezers are structured like traditional fridge-freezers, with the refrigerator compartment above the freezer compartment. This is partly for ergonomic design purposes: the refrigerator is opened far more often than the freezer.

What French door models are available from Liebherr?

Liebherr french door refrigerator

Freestanding: CBNes 6256 – the innovative food storage centre. Shown with optional handle, available as accessory from your Liebherr dealer. “B” indicates the appliances feature Liebherr’s BioFresh technology.


Liebherr french door refrigerator

Fully integrated: ECBN 6256 –  French door for integrated use. “B” indicates the appliances feature Liebherr’s BioFresh technology.

What are some technical details of Liebherr’s French door fridge-freezers?

Two compressors ensure optimally performance. Completely independent cooling circuits make it possible to switch off the refrigerator compartment whilst leaving the freezer compartment running. Appliances that are equipped with two high-performance, energy-efficient compressors can afford this type of flexibility. LED light columns on either side of the interior and the LED ceiling column ensure exceptional lighting. The NoFrost system means you’ll never have to manually defrost your appliance.

What makes the built-in version special?

Liebherr French door built-in models are designed for door-on-door installation. A finish matching your cabinetry can be attached to the front. For an easy built-in look, take advantage of the ventilation technology of our freestanding appliances. You can easily create a flush design interior, giving you full control of your overall kitchen look.

Some further advantages of French door fridge-freezers

  • With a net capacity of 18.8 cubic feet, French door models offer an ample storage space without sacrificing your kitchen space.
  • All your items are in perfect view within the big size interior.
  • Sturdy glass shelves are a perfect storage solution for your foods and drinks.
  • The freezer with integrated IceMaker is especially spacious and efficient.
  • The integrated water filter ensures perfect water quality.
  • Pull-out freezer drawers with self-closing mechanism.
  • Premium HardLine design that makes the appliance a stylish centerpiece wherever it is installed.
  • Telescopic rails make the BioFresh Safes (when equipped) easy to use.

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