Hari Raya Haji – also known as the Festival of Sacrifice or Eid-Al-Adha. It honours Prophet Ibrahim’s unwavering faith and devotion to God who commanded him to sacrifice his only son. Right before the sacrifice, God intervened and spared Ismail’s life by replacing him with a ram.

hari raya haji

To commemorate this day, one of the main rituals is the sacrifice of livestock. Here, the meat of sacrificed animals will be given out to the needy in the Muslim community. Based on the laws of Islam, goats or lambs must be slaughtered humanely and experience minimal suffering – this is one of the criteria of Halal food.

What Exactly Is Halal Food?

Did you know that even though Muslims cannot consume pork (find out why below!) it does not mean that other types of meat are Halal? For meat to be certified Halal there are many strict religious regulations to follow – it is all about how the animal is being slaughtered. Here are some interesting facts!

  • The animal must still be alive right before being slaughtered.
  • The animal can only be slaughtered with a well-sharpened knife. No other forms of weapons, such as bullets or electric shock among other things, may be used to stun or injure the animal first.
  • The butcher must be an adult Muslim, no matter male or female, and believe in Ahl al-Bayt.
  • The animal must be slaughtered with a single stroke, which means the butcher can never place and lift the knife before striking it.
  • Muslims must refrain from consuming meat from an animal that died prior to slaughter.
  • During the slaughter of the animal, the name “Allah” must be said. Otherwise the meat is considered Haram, in other words “forbidden”.
  • It is forbidden for Muslims to eat or drink the blood of any animal.

But Why Can’t Muslims Eat Pork?

Muslims are not allowed to eat pork as only ruminants and cloven-hoofs animals are allowed for consumption. Ruminants refer to mammals with the ability to obtain nutrients from plant-based food. Although pigs are cloven-hoofs animals, they are not ruminants and are therefore considered impure.

However there is an exception. The Quran states that if you are starving to death and the only option is pork, then you are allowed to eat it.

Keeping Your Food Fresh During Festive Seasons

It is customary to celebrate Hari Raya Haji with a feast among family and friends, and this translates to lots of grocery shopping! As this festival lasts between 4 to 10 days, keeping food fresh is definitely a priority. With Liebherr’s BioFresh compartments, you will be able to maintain the freshness of your food items for a longer period of time.


With fresh fruits and food waiting in your fridge, you will have a Semalat Hari Raya Haji indeed!