Halloween is a traditional holiday celebrated on 31 October in many English-speaking countries. Today we’ll share with you how to carve the most popular symbol of Halloween by yourself: the Halloween pumpkin. 

1. Cut the top of the pumpkin with a sharp knife, set it aside for later use. The opening should be large enough so you can easily remove the pulp.


2. Pull out the pulp and seeds. You can fry the seeds and decorate dishes with them. The pulp is well suited for cream-soups, pies and deserts which means nothing will go to waste.


3. Draw the contours of the eyes, nose and mouth and cut out these parts of the pumpkin.


4. Make the deepening in the bottom of the pumpkin. Place and light a candle at the bottom and cover the top with the cut-out from earlier.


Voila! There you have your own Halloween pumpkin! It’s not that hard right? You can carve the Halloween pumpkin with your own hands in just a few steps. Impress your family and loved ones today by showing them your new found skill!

Attention! Follow the rules of fire safety. Don’t place the lantern near highly inflammable objects.

Do you have your own technique in making the Halloween pumpkin or how do you usually design your pumpkins? Share with us! Use the comment function below this post or start/join in discussions with us on Facebook.