One of the most important exhibitions for kitchen, electrical appliances and accessories was held last January in Cologne, Germany – the LivingKitchen. BluPerformance, the new dimension of freshness, is one of the main themes of Liebherr Household Appliances at LivingKitchen. The focus of this year’s innovation is on the fields of digitization and installation. Here’s a brief overview of the whole event…

Handleless integrated wine cabinets

Kitchen facades without protruding handles is the new trend in kitchen design. Handleless doors are not just sleek, they are also versatile, accommodating and timeless. At LivingKitchen, Liebherr presented new built-in wine cabinets with high-class black and white glass fronts. The wine cellars can be opened conveniently via a TipOpen mechanism.

Liebherr wine tip-open door

Built-in appliances with individual Freshness Center

One of the major novelties on the Liebherr booth is the new modular storage centres. They consist of four individual furniture units, which can be flexibly integrated into the kitchen.

Liebherr at LivingKitchen

The modular concept allows an individual combination of the various features like BioFresh for longer freshness, wines in ideal storage and drinking temperature, a generous cooling space and the no-more-defrost-comfort of a NoFrost freezer.

Liebherr at LivignKitchen

Refrigerator with pull-out shelf for drinks boxes

Another highlight of the showcase is the built-in refrigerator IKF 3510. It has a stable pull-out container, that apart from beverage storage, full beverage crates can be stored safely and conveniently.

It can accommodate two bottle baskets or, for example, a crate of beer.

bottle baskets

The smart refrigerator

The new generation of the SmartDeviceBox provides intelligent solutions for Liebherr refrigerators. The cameras and the Voice Box “MIA” will be launched this year for integration. (Note: Only for European region). With this innovation, users can easily generate fridge inventory and shopping lists.

Liebherr SmartDeviceBox

The SmartDeviceBox gives you information about the status of your device, remotely access and control settings, or activate desired functions.

SmartDevice Box for Liebherr

This 2017, Liebherr continues to meet your expectation. We stand firm with our motto: “Quality, Design and Innovation”.

Did you have the chance to visit our booth at LivingKitchen last January? Share your experiences and photos with us on the comments!

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