Looking to transform your kitchen into one of style and elegance? Take inspiration from two of our projects in Taiwan! Here, Liebherr’s freestanding side-by-side refrigerator adds the finishing touches to the kitchen designs.

Royal Landmark In Taiwan – Chic & Modern

Explore your design options by looking at our Royal Landmark project in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Completed in 2016, it is the embodiment of chic and modern. The combination of porcelain white with creamy earthy tones gives a feminine touch to the clean look. To complete this perfect kitchen, the first choice was definitely a Liebherr! With its beautiful SmartSteel doors, our side-by-side appliance is indeed the centrepiece in this cooking space.

Royal Landmark Taiwan

Top Landmark In Taiwan – Elegant & Stylish

To satisfy your inner alpha male, our Top Landmark project will be right up your alley. We love how our spacious fridge-freezer, with its sleek SmartSteel door surface, blends right in amongst the stone-grey cabinetry. Meanwhile a white backsplash adds cheer to the otherwise masculine design. And to complement the strong characteristics of this kitchen, warm wood elements were built into the dining area. If you are looking for elegance and style, this is it. Set to be completed in mid-2019.

Top Landmark TaiwanTop Landmark Taiwan

Which kitchen design has won you over – the chic or the stylish? Write to us in the comments below! For more pictures of all our projects, visit our Project Reference page.