This year, there’s a whole lot going on with our built-in range, and here’s an overview of our latest innovations to whet your appetite!

It’s always Liebherr’s priority to take the strain out of everyday work in the home and to make our customers’ lives easier. Well, with our new innovative features, we’ve achieved just that! The appliance innovations listed below are just some of the practical ‘little helpers’ that we’ve introduced for our built-in range.


Our removable VarioBoxes provide organised, easy to view door storage for smaller items. Conveniently designed for single-handed use, they are easy to open, stock, close, remove and insert. Furthermore, they feature a pull-out stop to hold them securely in place when they are accessed and when items are removed; they are also dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The versatile VarioBox storage system can be fitted at different heights within the door interior.

Egg tray

Our adjustable egg tray can be extended to accommodate the quantity of eggs you require, providing safe storage for up to 20 chicken eggs or, turned over, 28 quail eggs. It is styled so that the eggs can be stored with their pointed-end down, which maximises their shelf life.

Ice cube tray

Our generously sized ice cube tray features a lid and a convenient filling opening that makes it very easy to fill it with water. The lid seals tightly so that the tray can be moved and stored without spillages.

Butter dish

Our stylish butter dish is designed for convenient, single-handed use: it is easily removed, can be carried by its lid, and is effortless to open. Its cleverly conceived proportions allow varying sizes of butter to be stored, and it is both shatterproof and dishwasher safe. The butter dish fits on all Liebherr shelves.

Freezer drawers on roller tracks

The freezer drawers in Liebherr’s Premium fridge-freezers are sited on roller tracks making them easy to open and close, even if they are full and heavy.


Some of our Premium appliances feature the new VarioSafe – it’s the perfect place to store smaller items, packets, tubes, and jam jars in an organised, easy to view manner. Should you need to fill the VarioSafe to a greater depth, it can be removed and inserted at any of the various height positions within the fridge compartment. The VarioSafe is now also available for built-in appliances without Liebherr BioFresh technology.


The adaptable FlexSystem facilitates clearly arranged, easy to view storage for different types of food within the BioFresh compartment. Items can be stored completely separated: fruit and vegetables can be kept apart or foods can be divided according to their use-by date, for example. All FlexSystem components are durable, easy to clean and dishwasher safe.


The BioCool-Box allows the humidity level within the fridge to be regulated in order that the quality and freshness of food can be maintained for longer.

Electronic controls

The new control panel is available on all Comfort and Premium models. Reading the set temperatures is now far easier thanks to the higher contrast and to a change of colour choice (black and white).

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