Since starting our blog, we’ve received many enquiries as to whether it’s possible to be automatically alerted about new blog posts. This option is available in the form of an RSS feed, a digital message stream. The RRS feed icon can be found on our blog, next to the Facebook link. RSS can be used by default with most browsers, many free apps and Microsoft Outlook. Read on for instructions on how to set up the RSS stream for our household appliances blog on your computer with MS Outlook.

  1. Copy the address:
  2. Right click ‘RSS-Feeds’ in Microsoft Outlook
  3. Select ‘Add a New RSS Feed’ in the menu that appears
  4. Paste the address you copied in step 1 into the field. You can also manually enter the address:
  5. From now on, , you will be notified about any new posts on our household appliances blog, like when receiving a new e-mail. At the end of the post, you will find a ‘Display post’ link. By clicking this link, you can open the blog and read the post in the usual format in the household appliances blog itself.

Incidentally: RSS is a standardised format which can be read by many online programs and systems. These readers and systems can also be used on your private PC or smartphone. For example, the free program ‘Feedly’ can be used on smartphones and tablets, and the service ‘Netvibes’ is available as a popular web-based RSS reader. You can usually set up streams from several news portals on all RSS readers. This provides you with the latest news from all major channels (e.g. national newspapers) at a glance.