Decisions, decisions – building a new home comes with so many to be made. Once the design and layout are set, in comes the endless list of fixtures you will need to choose; wall colours, furniture, appliances… the list just keeps growing. And when it comes to the kitchen, it is important to plan for what you want down to the finest detail as that has to be drawn into the building plans. This ensures that your kitchen appliances will be well-integrated into your space.

The wonderful thing is that building a new home allows for customisation to accommodate unique-sized appliances such as a freestanding refrigerator.

Speaking from experience, we wanted to modify our plans to suit our large freestanding refrigerator, with its beautiful stainless steel finish. We requested for a cavity measuring 1040mm in width and 800mm in depth to allow the fridge to fit snugly in – any protrusion would break up the “flow” of our cabinetry and that’s a huge no-no. Unfortunately the contractor did not read the plan properly and we ended up with a cavity width of 1400mm (that’s 360mm too wide!), leaving us with a gaping hole next to our refrigerator! Our new kitchen was left looking disjointed and the desired seamless effect was lost.


Achieving That Seamless Look For Your New Kitchen

Perhaps you picked a stainless steel fridge for the prestigious and contemporary look it offers. Or could be it matches your other appliances or even the chrome pantry door handles. Whatever the reason, keeping a seamless kitchen design is the way to go.

With freestanding refrigerators, however, clearance is necessary for door swing opening and ventilation. Inevitably, the fridge often overhangs the cavity depth, interrupting the clean lines that you would want for your kitchen.

And this is where our fully integrated refrigerators come into the equation! This range of models seamlessly integrates into your kitchen without exposed cavities. You also have the option to purchase stainless steel door panels and handles, giving your kitchen space that much sought after flawless look.

So before planning for your new home or renovating your kitchen, why not take a look at Liebherr’s fully integrated refrigerators? We offer you the best of both worlds – seamless integration with a stainless steel finish for that extra touch of elegance.