The Liebherr Smoothies and Ice App is the perfect combination of fun and information – with 16 easy to make smoothie recipes, a fun ice crusher game and information about Liebherr’s IceMaker function – it definitely is an app you shouldn’t miss.

It is one of our most popular apps in Europe, some of you may even have downloaded it already on your iPhone or iPad; since it’s available on all Apple App Stores Worldwide.  The app started out as a simple yet highly addictive IceCrusher game, now with the addition of two more features: smoothie recipes and information on the IceMaker function in the Liebherr appliances. As we have updated the app, we have also done some new changes on the menu items, which is now split into three.

Check out below what the new and updated app offers:

IceCrusher – the fun and engaging game!


Simply tap and shake your phone or tablet to crush the ice cubes. You can even fill your glass with virtual ice by tilting your phone – a fun and well engaging game at parties. This app is totally a hit to our European users that it became the most downloaded app even without the newly added features.

Discover delicious smoothie recipes!


Learn 16 delicious and healthy smoothie recipes. Whether you prefer fruits or veggies or a combination – there are plenty of recipes to choose from. And as a giveaway, we are sharing one tasty recipe below, but for the rest of the 15 recipes, you will have to download the app to explore them yourselves.


You can also fill each of the virtual smoothie glasses with crushed ice for some more fun!

Liebherr IceMaker


As experts in refrigeration and freezing for over 60 years now, we pride ourselves with the fact that we have perfected the art of ice-making. In this feature you will find everything about the Liebherr refrigerator and freezers with the IceMaker function. There are two available options for this feature: plumbed-in IceMaker and IceMaker with water tank. For more information about our products and specifications, visit

You can download our Smoothies & Ice app from our App Hub – the Liebherr one stop shop to see available apps for your iOS or Android smartphone and tablet.

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