Tiny kitchen? No problem! Don’t compromise the functionality of your kitchen due to lack of space, instead make it big on style and efficiency. Here are some tips for you to maximise the space you have and get the most out of it without sacrificing its look and feel.

1. Hang your pots and pans

Tiny kitchen interior

Instead of storing them in cupboards which takes up your much needed space, why not hang them? It doesn’t just save space, it also adds life into your tiny kitchen.


2. Mason jars are lifesavers!

Herbs and Spices In Mason Jars

Declutter your kitchen by placing trinkets of goods into mason jars. You can use them to store fruit jams, spices, tea, dry goods and can even serve as juice or salad containers.


homemade granola and chia seed pudding with berry healthy breakfast

Tip: use it as cereal container for your daily breakfast. Fix it up at night, store it in the fridge and take it with you to work the next day. Hassle free and convenient! 😉

3. Utilise the space under your shelf boards

tiny kitchen with various shelves

Screw up the lids of your jars under wooden shelf boards. It’s a genius way to maximise space as well as to keep your spices and condiments within reach.


4. Make use of wooden racks

antique ceramic dishes and wooden kitchen shelf

Install wooden racks on your walls to stack your plates and bowls. It’s efficient and lets you show off your precious chinaware. Bonus: it looks stylish too!


5. Opt for built-in and/or under-counter appliances

Liebherr undercounter fridge

It doesn’t just free-up space in your kitchen, it also enhances better traffic flow. Plus, you get easy access to ingredients when cooking – as it keeps everything within your reach.


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