Slider_supermarket_chest_overview_LiebherrWith its supermarket chest freezers Liebherr is offering yet another innovative product with a host of practical features – that’s in addition to the multitude of other innovative refrigerators and freezers that it produces for both the domestic and commercial sectors. Today’s blog takes a look at the key features of Liebherr’s supermarket chests.

Perhaps you’ve noticed a difference at your local supermarket recently? Has there been something afoot in the frozen food aisles? Maybe things seem to have changed for the better… the way the goods are presented is different somehow; now, you can see all the products much more clearly! And, there are rather impressive handles on the sliding lids, which not only look great, they are also easy to grasp and make opening the chests a lot more easy. If this has been your recent experience, it’s more than likely that you’ve just taken your frozen spinach, fish or pizza out of a newly installed Liebherr supermarket chest freezer! After all, many supermarkets are making the switch to Liebherr’s energy efficient and practical chest freezers, and there are multiple reasons for them doing so. Read on to find out more.

The advantages of Liebherr supermarket chests

Boosted sales: 

Slider_supermarket_chest_incline_LiebherrLiebherr supermarket chest freezers present products in an amazingly clear and attractive manner, which promotes sales. They feature two long-life LED lighting strips, integrated at the front and rear of the chest, which illuminate the appliance interior completely evenly, and a frameless glass sliding lid that is ergonomically designed and easy-to-open. The chests also have a 5-degree tilt-angle designed to make it easier to stock the appliance and to remove goods for purchase, and to give customers a sales-provoking view of the products.

Increased staff productivity (with automatic defrosting and more):

The supermarket chest freezers contribute towards increased staff productivity by reducing the workload of store personnel, so they can use their time more effectively. Time is saved thanks to easy re-stocking, speedy cleaning due to a lack of interior corners and edges, and automatic defrosting. Defrosting is exclusively accomplished by the use of hot gas, with the appliance quickly being defrosted from bottom to top; an added advantage is improved reliability, as ice does not accumulate to block the drain outlet. As no electrical heating is utilised, the risk of appliance failure is reduced, and energy efficiency is improved because no additional energy has to be used. Furthermore, the products do not have to be removed from the chest during defrosting; so another time-consuming job is negated allowing store staff to concentrate on other jobs.

Smooth-running sliding glass lid:

The sliding glass lids are made from a single pane of extremely resilient safety glass and are highly scratch resistant. The combination of a profiled sliding seal in the lid and an optimised running surface on the housing makes these chest freezers easy and effortless to open. The lids close tightly to maintain a constant interior temperature and further enhance energy efficiency. An integrated hot-gas frame heater largely prevents condensation, giving customers an unobstructed view of the products at all times. Not only do the sliding glass lids provide an optimum view of the products, they are also scratch resistant and remain pristine for many years. The self cleaning running surfaces of the innovative sliding lids expel any dirt from the profiles so that the chests can always be opened with minimal effort.

Ergonomic stainless steel handle:

The securely fitted, elegant and ergonomic stainless steel handle is absolutely robust and able to withstand all the rigours of frequent opening. It can be grasped and used as support to make it easy to access products, even those deep within the freezer.

Integrated price tags:

The price tags are positioned at optimum reading height to enable customers to orientate and find the information they need immediately. The flush-integrated price tags are easy to quickly update.

Energy-saving LED lighting:

Long-life LED lighting strips illuminate the supermarket chest interiors. Unlike fluorescent tubes, LEDs generate little heat and they use far less energy. The lighting strips are positioned to avoid any shadowing effects within the chest freezers. LED lighting is particularly effective for displaying fresh meat produce, as meat always appears its natural colour. The chest freezer lighting can be connected to a central lighting control system and switched off overnight to save energy.

Modern chest freezer design:

Slider_supermarket_chest_conic_LiebherrLiebherr supermarket chests offer dimensional stability, robust construction and modern design. The composite housing is both impact and shock resistant, whilst the tapered design provides ergonomic foot space when accessing products. In addition, the wave-shaped segmented design allows products to be clearly organised and easy-to-find, even within large chest freezer island-blocks.

Glass display with touch functionality:

Liebherr supermarket chest freezers have touch electronics integrated into the rear frame area so that the temperature display is clearly visible at all times. The setting functions are only displayed if they have been activated by an RFID key to prevent any unauthorised changes to the parameters and to optimally protect the products.

Demand-responsive compressor:

The electronic, speed-controlled compressor provides maximum energy efficiency. It quickly and optimally responds to the actual refrigeration requirements within the appliance interior. Two air temperature sensors determine the cooling requirements and control the compressor, making the appliances more energy efficient and reducing operating costs.

Easily cleaned and maintained:

Hygiene plays a crucial role in the commercial sector, and that is why the deep-drawn interior containers in the chest freezers are designed with generously radiused corners to facilitate easy cleaning. In addition, the sliding glass lids feature self-cleaning profiles and the appliance interiors are virtually seamless to make cleaning easier. Furthermore, all appliance components that require regular maintenance are easy to reach and access.

Flexible base panel:

A flexible sealing lip prevents dirt and water from getting under the appliances, and can be readily adjusted for uneven floors. An optimised exhaust air ducting system prevents dirt from collecting under the chest freezer.

Simple floor cleaning:

Liebherr’s supermarket chest freezers and islands are characterised by a tapered shape for easy access. The base of the freezer is flat-fronted, which makes floor cleaning a quick and easy process, and the seamless overall design prevents dust and water from collecting.

SelfDiagnostic function for extra security:

The appliance temperature can be remotely monitored on a continual basis, enabling a speedy response in the event of a fault and preventing any interruption of the cooling chain, and hence any financial losses.

SmartGrid ready:

In the future, intelligent electricity grids (SmartGrids) will help to reduce electricity costs, and Liebherr supermarket chest freezers are ‘SmartGrid ready’. At this time, if surplus energy is available (thanks to renewable energy sources, for example), the appliances will be supplied with the cheaper electricity. Whilst the electricity price is low, the appliances will build-up a cold reserve, and this will then be mined when the electricity price goes up again.

One other thing: the supermarket chest freezers are available as stand-alone chests with a width of 250 cm (SGT 1322) or 210 cm (SGT 1122) or as refrigerator/chest freezer island-blocks with a width of 250 cm (ST 1322) or 210 cm (ST 1122). Thanks to the many configuration options – as individual appliances or in row/island format – these appliances can be flexibly combined to fit whatever space is available. There are also many practical accessories available for the chest freezers, which make everyday work even easier!

Next time you’re at your local supermarket, why not check to see if it has wised up and is reaping the rewards of investing in Liebherr retail chest freezers?!

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