slider_strawberryThis small red fruit, popular with young and old, is not only delicious but also extremely healthy. Our blog looks at the benefits of this vitamin-packed fruit and how it is best stored.

Even back in ancient times, the Roman poets Ovid (18 AD), Pliny the Elder (79 AD) and Virgil (19 BC) were seduced by the strawberry, describing it as a ‘small, sweet fruit of God’ and calling it ‘Frega’ or ‘Fregum’. We tend to assume that its botanical name, ‘Fragaria’, is derived from the Latin ‘fragrare’ (fragrant). The strawberry has also inspired musical tributes, and with their ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’, the Beatles created a popular, no less notable musical ode to her (even if a few centuries later!). But, getting back on track: the strawberry season, in our latitudes, usually runs from the end of May until July and it sees many people enticed to the fields to pick their very own tasty little fruits. And for good reason, the strawberry is a mini ‘vitamin bomb’ rich in, amongst other things:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Folic acid
  • Biotin

Strawberries: a tasty treat that’s good for you!

It is noteworthy that the more sun the strawberries enjoy as they ripen, the higher their content of fruit acids and fruit sugar and so the more delicious their flavour, which is no doubt why they are so loved by adults and children alike. And, it is no surprise that strawberries are one of the most popular fruits.

Where should strawberries be stored?

In general, of course, strawberries taste best when they’ve just been picked! Since strawberries spoil very quickly once picked, they should be stored immediately in the refrigerator, in the fruit drawer, where they will keep for 1-2 days. We recommend washing and cleaning them, then spreading them out on kitchen paper on a tray. Liebherr refrigerators with BioFresh technology provide an optimum storage environment for strawberries, with an ideal temperature and humidity level so that it is possible to keep them fresh for up to 7 days. However, because strawberries react to pressure and moisture, losing their flavour, nutrients and shape, we only recommend storing them for an extended time as an exception. When buying strawberries from the supermarket, remove the film from the packaging before storing them, or pierce it a few times, to prevent mould growing.

What to consider when freezing strawberries

Strawberries can be frozen for up to two years although, on thawing their shape will be slightly compromised due to their high water content – so defrosted strawberries are not ideal for decorating cakes. However, they are great for making mousses, cream cheese dishes and ice cream.

Our tip: wash strawberries before freezing them. However, be aware that they don’t like cold showers or direct jets of water. The best way to clean strawberries is in a bowl of water and, after washing, they should be laid out on a tray to dry. At this stage the stems and leaves should be removed as, otherwise, the flavour will be impaired.


The Liebherr appliances listed below come with a herb and berry drawer that can be used to optimally

Liebherr appliances that come with a herb and berry drawer:

Freezers with NoFrost and 60 cm wide (Premium)

  • GNP 3056 • GNP 2756 • GNP 2356 • GNP 1956

Freezers with NoFrost and 60 cm wide (Comfort)

  • GNP 3013 • GNP 2713 • GNP 2313 • GNP 1913

Freezers without NoFrost and 70 cm wide (Comfort)

  • GP 4013 • GP 3513 • GP 3013

So, enjoy the strawberry season and give in to this ‘little red temptation’ to your heart’s content!

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