In today’s modern living spaces where aesthetics and practicality must come together, Liebherr understands how important it is for appliances to be beautiful yet versatile. To cater to your every need, our flexible freestanding fridge-freezers are designed such that they are also able to sit flushed-in with your cabinetry or wall for a seamless look.

Take for example this contemporary kitchen design which clinched its designer, Shane George, the Best Kitchen finalist of the NZ House & Garden Interior of the Year Awards. Nestled among the kitchen cabinetry is Liebherr’s Side-by-Side refrigerator, the SBSes 7353 with its gleaming SmartSteel surface. Some might never realise that it is in fact a freestanding appliance!


Modern living calls for smart solutions. A wall partitioning does nothing but, well, partition your home, so tucking your refrigerator in is another great idea to maximise space.


Do you have a freestanding appliance that’s flushed into your home fixtures? We would love to see your designs or ideas!