In our first Walk of Technology article (read it here!), we introduced how Liebherr sets the highest standards from a creative viewpoint. Refrigerator components and accessories are combined in new ways to create visually refreshing impressions. In Part 2, we continue to provide more insight into our quality strategy…

Walk of Technology

Glass Shelves

Liebherr has been using high quality glass for storage racks in the door interior of our refrigerator compartments for decades. Here the storage shelves, with a satin-finished safety glass, refract light and create a visually appealing atmosphere.

Glass Shelves

Egg Trays

There is a perfect place for each type of food – the door interior, storage shelves, bottle shelves, vegetable bins or BioFresh drawers. To store eggs safely, our appliances come with perfectly shaped and attractive egg trays. Below you see a vast collection of Liebherr egg trays put together to form the IFA (The Global Innovations Show) logo.

Egg tray


Refrigerant evaporates at low pressure in the evaporator and extracts heat from the appliance interior and from food. These exposed evaporators are used in appliances with the highest energy efficiency rating, A++++.


Thermoforming Mould

Our thermoforming moulds are manufactured precisely to a thousandth of a millimetre (nanometre), since even the slightest deviation can have an effect on appearance and functionality. All components must match each other precisely to achieve the goal of a perfect product.

Thermoforming moulds are made of aluminium casting and weigh around 700 kg each. An unlimited number of compartment liners (read more below!) can be produced from one of these moulds.

Thermoforming mould

Compartment Liners

The smooth and seamless compartment liner brings you convenience with an easy-to-clean surface. Liebherr refrigerators are where food stays fresh and hygienic.

Compartment liner

Plastic Boards

One compartment liner is produced for each board and Liebherr only uses the highest quality plastics. The material is resistant to cleansing materials and has a high level of physical durability.

Plastic boards

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