Quality down to the smallest detail. Liebherr tests every individual component to ensure product quality and reliability. This is our final instalment of “Walk of Technology” so be sure to read Part 1 and Part 2!

Walk of Technology

Complexity Of A Refrigerator

The complexity of a refrigerator is illustrated by this free-hanging installation of components in a BioFresh appliance. A functional and elegant overall concept is only possible when each detail fits optimally together.

Free hanging installation

Plastic Coil

Our door interiors are manufactured from the plastic coil. The coil is a metre-long wound plastic board which promotes easy cleaning due to co-extrusion. The coil depicted here weighs 500 kg.

Plastic Coils


The compressor is the heart of every refrigerator and freezer. It compresses the refrigerant and is the basis for optimal cooling of the appliance interior.


Screw Reinforcement Plate

Quality down to the smallest detail – the small reinforcement plates for fixing screws ensure stability and perfect installation.

Screw Reinforcement Plate

Ice Cube Tray

Water in its most beautiful form. With the ice cube tray from Liebherr, there will always be ice cubes on hand for a cool drink or a party!

Ice cube tray

Fan Caps

The elegance of the design of our PowerCooling fans becomes apparent when the fan covers are combined together to form a modern and unique chandelier.

Fan caps

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