The Liebherr Group has always been an avid supporter of table tennis, thanks to Mr. Hans Liebherr’s fondness of the sport – we have been continuing his legacy to date. And this year was no exception, the ITTF has brought the championships to Malaysia in cooperation with Perfect Company and we are privileged to take part as one of the main sponsors of the event.


Perfect 2016 World Team Table Tennis Championship was held in Malawati Stadium, Kuala Lumpur from 28th February to 6th March 2016; was broadcast all over the world with 60 million viewers awaiting the final set of championship between China and Japan.

China has proven their superiority as they won the gold for both Men and Women’s team against their very determined opponent, the Japanese team.

Championship Division Women’s Team: China Vs. Japan

Source: ITTF World

The first string of championships was led by China’s LIU Shiwen as she defeated her mighty contender Ai FUKUHARA from Japan with a score of 3-0.

China’s Olympics Champion LI Xiaoxia may have struggled against Japan’s Kasumi ISIHIKAWA, losing the first two games to the Japanese national champion. LI, the Grand Slam Champion managed to recover from the game and win 3-2 which gave China a 2-0 lead.

For the Women’s last match, DING Ning had a face-off with Japan’s 15-year-old prodigy Mima ITO. ITO showed a very strong start which made her win 11-8 against DING. But the experienced champion quickly recovered and took over the next 3 games that lead to victory for China – Women’s Team.

Championship Division Men’s Team: China Vs. Japan

champion of WTTC Men's division

The Chinese line-up for the Men’s Team consists of XU Xin, MA Long and ZHANG Jike fought against the Japanese trio of Jun MIZUTANI, Maharu YOSHIMURA and Yuya OSHIMA in the pursuit of taking the gold home to their respective countries.

China’s XU showed his superiority by beating MIZUTANI in three straight games, while world’s number 1 MA defeated YOSHIMURA without dropping a game. ZHANG, the Grand Slam Champion, who has been recovering from a back injury from 2015 had to face the strong resistance from Japan’s rising star OSHIMA. Amidst having a setback in the beginning, ZHANG proved his strength and completed the game by winning 3-1.

Most Valuable Players of the Perfect 2016 World Team Table Tennis Championships

For showing hard work, strong spirit and great effort – China’s XU Xin and LI Xiaoxia were awarded as the Male and Female Most Valuable Player of the Perfect 2016 World Team Table Tennis Championships, respectively.

Liebherr Booth at the Exhibitor’s Hall

In cooperation with the Liebherr Group in Malaysia, a photobooth was setup to support as well as to make our presence known in the event. A few of our appliances were showcased on the booth together with graphics on the walls and brochures. The photobooth was totally a hit during the last day of the Championships as an influx of people showed up to take pictures. Photobooth pictures are now available on the Liebherr Appliances Malaysia Facebook Page, check out the albums to find your pictures.

Content4_table-tennis_Liebherr Content5_table-tennis_Liebherr


VIP Winners for the Final day of WTTC 2016

As one of the main sponsors at the Perfect 2016 World Team Table Tennis Championships, Liebherr gave away 2 pairs of VIP tickets to 2 lucky table tennis enthusiasts. A contest was held online over the Liebherr Appliances Malaysia Facebook Page. An advertisement solely dedicated to table tennis enthusiasts was pushed in a span of a week with a post asking why they should be chosen to win the VIP tickets. It was indeed a successful outcome as the contestants voiced out their reasons on why they should be chosen as one of the lucky winners. The two lucky winners, were drawn randomly from an online software that generates unbiased results, namely: Yew Keong and Nadia Zakaria. 

Winners of the Liebherr Facebook contest

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