Outstanding quality. Classic design. State-of-the-art innovation. When it comes to refrigeration, Liebherr is synonymous with excellence. As leaders in our industry, it is our responsibility to spearhead and develop new ideas to extend food freshness, enhance usability, as well as improve energy efficiency.

Introducing BluPerformance by Liebherr, a new generation of freestanding fridge-freezers characterised by premium-quality materials, craftsmanship in every detail, and precision touchscreen electronic controls. Timelessly elegant with a full stainless steel body, BluPerformance models feature BioFresh for longer food freshness, automatic IceMaker, and innovative SoftSystem for gentle door closure.

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Innovative Refrigeration Technology

The refrigeration technology in our BluPerformance range is integrated into the base of the appliance. By relocating both the condenser at the back of the appliance and the evaporation tray on the compressor, a far greater net capacity is made possible. These models then equipped with highly efficient compressors and newly designed precision electronic controls.

The end result? A whole new range of ultra-energy efficient fridge-freezers!

Experience Super Freshness with BioFresh

It is not just the aesthetics of your refrigerator that matters but also the performance, and the quality and freshness of food is key to good health. When stored at the right temperature and humidity, foods retain their delicious freshness and flavour for much longer. With Liebherr’s BioFresh technology, temperatures in a BioFresh drawer is kept at just above freezing and each drawer can be adjusted individually to provide the ideal humidity for different types of food.

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Touchscreen Display: A Broad Range of Functions

Our 2.4” touchscreen display in an elegant black allows you to control the temperature in the fridge and freezer individually as well as activate a broad range of functions. For example, SuperCool for rapid cooling or SuperFrost for rapid freezing.

Gentle Door Closure with SoftSytem

BluPerformance appliances come with a premium-quality soft closing mechanism. Not only does this ensure that the refrigerator door closes automatically if left slightly open, it also guarantees gentle, secure, and silent closure even if the internal door shelving is fully stocked.

Discover BluPerformance by Liebherr

SBSes 8486: Winner of the prestigious German Design Award 2019, this eye-catching model boasts an array of innovative solutions with six different climate zones. But what makes it most unique is the signature dual-zone wine compartment! Enjoy added flexibility with BioFresh-Plus which includes a versatile Fish & Seafood-Safe.

SBSes 8484: With one full fridge unit and another fridge-freezer unit, this side-by-side combination provides plenty of storage space for fresh groceries. Comes with BioFresh-Plus for added storage flexibility.

SBSes 8673: A side-by-side combination featuring one full freezer unit and one full fridge unit, perfect for households that prefer more space for frozen goods. BioFresh technology keeps your stored food much fresher for longer.

Discover the wide array of features of BluPerformance by Liebherr and learn more about each product at home.liebherr.com/bluperformance.