Planning to whip up a feast for that special someone this Father’s Day? Tease his taste buds with a meal of home-cooked braised venison with red wine! The right wine will make this a pleasure-fest so read on as our master sommelier, Frank Kämmer, recommends the optimal selection.


Even though we are in sunny Singapore, the frequent rain this week has brought temperatures down a notch. Deer stewed in red wine is real soul food for chilly nights like this. Just imagine the delicate, crumbly consistency of slow-cooked venison combined with the spicy, wild taste of spices such as juniper, cloves, and black pepper… Coupled with a dark, vinous and concentrated sauce and a spoonful of cranberries with their fine dry aroma, this dish is indeed to-die-for.

Often it is not necessarily the finest red wines that taste particularly good for this, but rather those that have a particularly hearty, juicy and almost “autumnal” expression in the fruit. It is important that the wine has enough volume and density to not go under the intense aromas of venison. In addition, you should make sure that acid (especially tannic acid) in the wine is not too fresh and dominant, but harmoniously integrated and rounded.

What Wine Goes Best With Venison?

Juvenile southern Italians such as Nero d’Avola from Sicily or Primitivo from Puglia are very suitable for venison. But our personal favourites for stewed venison are the great red wines of the Southern Rhône. These are produced on the basis of Grenache grapes. Alternatively there is the famous Châteauneuf-du-Pape or less known neighbours like Gigondas or Vacqueyras.


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