Moving into a new home or renovating your kitchen? Your refrigerator plays a key role in keeping your food fresh, so be sure to include it in the planning stage, too. Here are 5 things to consider when choosing a refrigerator:

SBS 70I4
Our SBS 70I4 is a combination of the SIGN 3576 Premium NoFrost Freezer and SIKB 3550 Premium BioFresh Fridge

1) Positioning Your Refrigerator: Just Where Should It Go?

Positioning your refrigerator within close proximity to your kitchen counter would be best. It allows prompt loading of groceries when you get back from the supermarket and convenience when gathering ingredients for cooking. This also means the fridge door is open less often, so there is less impact on temperature variance within the appliance.

Secondly, some may not realise that a refrigerator has to work harder to maintain appropriate internal temperatures when exposed to heat sources. This affects the energy efficiency of a refrigerator and potentially shorten its functional lifespan. So avoid positioning it near an oven or even under direct sunlight – think energy efficiency!

2) Left Or Right Hinged Door?

ECBN 6156 left or right-hinged
The ECBN 6156 can be given a left-hinged door with an additional door reversal kit

Unless your refrigerator is a French-door, it is important to decide early whether to have a left or right-hinged door. You certainly do not want to go through the trouble of dismantling the fridge door after the appliance is nicely installed and ready for use… So know what you want and plan what’s best for your kitchen.

Tip: The door should be hinged on the side where it can be opened to a comfortable angle so that fridge contents are easily accessible. Make sure your choice of refrigerator has reversible door hinges to avoid bad surprises.

3) Proper Ventilation

When a refrigerator lacks proper ventilation, its compressor will run continuously due to accumulation of warm air. Inevitably this adversely impacts the appliance and reduces its lifespan.

The type of ventilation (e.g. rear, front, built-in) dictates the ventilation requirements. Liebherr recommends a ventilation space of at least 200 square centimetres. However a larger ventilation space improves energy efficiency of your refrigerator, so go for it if you have space to spare.

4) Refrigerator Capacity: Magnificent Or Compact?

SBSes 7165 side-by-side
Capacity of SBSes 7165 (Freezer: 119 litres, Fridge: 483 litres, Wine compartment: 41 Bordeaux bottles, 0.75 litres each)

Take into consideration the size of your household as well as eating and shopping habits. Do you purchase fresh food regularly or freeze lots of leftovers? What type of temperature zones do you need – e.g. fridge, freezer, and/or BioFresh compartments?

Refrigerator capacity

1 -2 persons: Approximately 70-100 litres

3 or more persons: Add 40-50 litres per person

Freezer capacity

Minimal to average use: 50-80 litres per person

Large amounts, longer freezing durations: 130 litres per person

5) Don’t Break Your Back

CNef 4315 bottom mount
Did you know the compact CNef 4315 Bottom Mount is also energy efficient?

The ergonomics and configuration of a refrigerator can make a kitchen (or break your back – well, not literally but you get our drift). If you don’t reach for frozen foods often, then a French-door or Bottom Mount appliance would be perfect. With the fridge compartments above waist level and freezer at the bottom, you will not need to bend down so often – less strain on your back.

However if you need to access both the fridge and freezer equally often, a Side-by-Side would be more beneficial. The trick is to store regularly used items at the top. This way you get to squat or bend down less.

We hope these tips made a difference to you! From large French-door units to compact, space-saving options, Liebherr has it all. Visit our website to see our full range or locate a dealer nearest to you for more information.