What is the one appliance you cannot do without in your kitchen?

Not that we are biased, but we know it is most definitely the refrigerator! It is where you store fish and meat to retain their freshness as well as keep your fruits and vegetables nice and crisp for your loved ones. And for an appliance that needs to run throughout the day, it is not surprising that energy consumption might be a cause for concern.

The Perfect Solution For Energy Efficiency – CNef 4315

Good news! Our BluPerformance CNef 4315 Bottom-mount Freezer is the perfect solution.


This appliance features optimised electronic controls while its refrigeration components are integrated into the base. The result? An elegant refrigerator that boasts maximum energy efficiency, a greater net capacity, and enhanced freezer compartment ergonomics.

With its smudge-resistant SmartSteel doors, the CNef 4315 is not just a pretty (sur)face. Keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for longer by regulating the humidity levels via a slider control in the BioCool drawer of the refrigerator compartment. Additionally, the bottom-mount freezer makes this appliance ideal for families that do not access the freezer compartment very often.


And let’s not forget our innovative DuoCooling technology that eliminates odour transfers. The refrigerator and freezer compartments each have independently controlled cooling circuits to prevent air exchange between the two compartments. No more unpleasant fish odours clinging to your vegetables!

Kitchen Ideas For Your CNef 4315

The timeless design of the BluPerformance CNef 4315 makes it easy to plan into any kitchen. If you are planning to invest in this model for your new home, check out these two kitchen ideas:

Fancy rich, green hues with touches of brass that draw attention to the elegant SmartSteel doors of the appliance?

CNef 4315 kitchen design

Or clean, neutral colours that allow the appliance to blend in seamlessly into a modern kitchen design? Regardless of what you go for, this energy-efficient model will definitely look amazing in your home.

CNef 4315 kitchen design

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