Appliances experts know that the Liebherr brand has always been synonymous to exceptional quality and numerous design awards. That’s why we are constantly experimenting with colours, forms and materials in order to create a range of unique concepts for our appliances. On our latest design studies for CoolVision, we focused on light and emotion. Application of light in the living space is reflected in the models that were showcased this year at IFA electronics show in Berlin.

According to the designers of this concept, lighting effects contribute to the development of a comfortable environment, a pleasant atmosphere and a positive emotional state. These result from the modulation and refraction of light flux through the front glass surface.

CoolVision design series: MilkyWay

CoolVision design studies, MilkyWay

The effect of the night sky is made possible by the use of LEDs placed behind the glass front panel.

CoolVision design series: Infinity

CoolVision design studies, Infinity

The combination of LEDs behind the glass front panel creates the optical illusion of infinite space. In addition, it is possible to change the intensity of the stereoscopic effect and the colour of light emission.

CoolVision design series: Stripes

CoolVision design studies, Stripes

By using specialised materials and RGB LEDs on the plane, a spectacular effect of three-dimensional image is produced.The colour of light being emitted, gradually changes over time.

*These models were presented as design studies during this year’s IFA electronics show in Berlin. It has gained a positive feedback from our guests and so Liebherr will continue to work on these relevant projects – so our customers can soon enjoy a variety of these unique designs.

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