Have you ever asked yourself why in November some supermarkets sell chocolates, perfumes and other things with 24 numbers on it? It’s actually one of the traditions in Germany during Advent leading to Christmas season. So basically, these packages (sometimes come in a rectangular box with 24 numbered windows on it) are actually called Advent calendars. The main idea and basically the inception of Advent calendars is to help shorten the waiting time for Christmas and at the same time treat your loved ones while anticipating the festive holiday together.

Here’s an easy DIY for you:

In this way you can show your loved ones what they mean to you while spreading the spirit of giving this season.

Step 1: Gather 24 small gifts. It can be random or specific things. For example, you wish to give your Mum a 24-set tableware. You can head down to your favourite home appliances shop and buy for example a pair for fork and spoon, and that can be your gift 1 and 2 (day 1: fork, day 2: spoon and so on).

advent calendar

Step 2: Find packages in their corresponding sizes to pack the gifts. It’s not really necessary to have them all in same shapes and sizes.

Step 3: Decorate or wrap the packages with Christmas symbols and wrapping papers according to your taste. Be creative and adventurous! You’ll surely have fun while wrapping up the gifts, Think of it as an exercise for your creativity. đŸ˜‰

stockings with gifts, advent calendar

Step 4: Arrange them not necessarily in order. You can add some humour or fun. For example, you can shuffle them or maybe create a treasure map for the gift recipient to discover their gifts each day on a different location. Add some clues like something about yourself, or trivia about their favourite show. The main idea is for you to have fun and spread it with your loved ones.

advent calendar with christmas decorations

Alternatively, you may also use socks for your Advent calendars. This type of packaging is also commonly used in Germany.

Ideas for Advent calendar fillings:

  • For her: surprise her with different scents each day, teas, cosmetics or housewares.
  • For him: different types of scents, neckties, brewed beers or coffee.
  • For the little one: toys, sweets, school supplies, books.
  • You  know them better, so think of the things that will put a smile on their faces each day, as they anticipate Christmas together with you.

Share with us your experiences and your DIY Advent calendars finished products. đŸ™‚