What is the origin of Dumpling Festival? Legend has it that beloved Chinese patriotic minister, Qu Yuan, drowned himself in the Mi Luo River. It was his way of protesting against the injustice he has been forced upon by jealous officials. Devastated by his death, the people of Hunan province went in search of his body on dragon boats to no avail. Rice dumplings were tossed into the river in the hopes that the fishes will eat the dumplings instead of Qu Yuan’s body.

mi lou river
Mi Luo River in the province of Hunan

Today, Chinese all over the world commemorate this occasion on the 5th day of the 5th month of the lunar calendar by feasting on rice dumplings. Wrapped in pandan or bamboo leaves, preparing this traditional dish is tricky business. It involves bundling generous amounts of fillings (meat, mushrooms, chestnuts, dried shrimp…) into palm-sized pyramids made of glutinous rice which can sometimes get messy.

Not many in today’s generation know how to make rice dumplings, which is why we always love the ones lovingly prepared by our grandmothers. And wouldn’t it be wonderful if we can have Ah Ma’s mouthwatering rice dumplings anytime we want?

Zongzi or sticky rice dumpling

Enjoy Ah Ma’s Signature Ba Zhang All Year Round!

With the innovative SuperFrost function in Liebherr freezers, you can now turn your dreams into reality! When activated, temperature in the freezer compartment is rapidly reduced to -32°C. This allows the rice dumplings to quickly become frozen. Once this is achieved, our SuperFrost technology is programmed to switch off automatically.


Anytime you are craving rice dumplings, simply allow the deep-frozen snack to thaw before heating it up. You can now enjoy Ah Ma’s signature ba zhang all year round!

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