This was one of the first published brochures for Liebherr refrigerators that was distributed to the public in 1955/56. Trivia: It’s about the same time the iconic Chanel 2.55 was created. The models “Typ 110” and “Typ 140” were promoted with text already highlighting Liebherr’s brand philosophy of Quality, Design and Innovation.



Two outstanding refrigerators, stylish and good value

Liebherr Refrigerators are tasteful in design and colour. Big on storage making the most of available space. The quiet, energy efficient cooling compressor (5 year warranty) works fully automatic and keeps the temperature within the desired range.


LIEBHERR Refrigerators are top of the line products in their class!

Specifications: Housing made from sheet steel, white high gloss finish completed in an infrared oven, cooling area in light blue, enamelled, interior lightning. Covering strips and door lining made from light blue plastic material with practical white shelves, egg shelf and butter compartment. Removable shelves and ice compartment. Crisper standard for Typ 140, optional for Typ 110.


LIEBHERR Refrigerators offer the highest benefit of use through outstanding quality, value for money and maximum use of space in the refrigerator compartment and the door.


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