10 Ways To Finish That Open Bottle

Leftover wine – how did that even happen?! Occasionally though, especially after an evening of entertaining guests, people do bring wine and leave what’s left behind after a party. So, what do you do with it? Nobody likes to waste those precious drops, hence here are 10 ideas to keep in mind when you face the dilemma.


10 Ways To Finish That Open Bottle

10 Ways To Finish That Open Bottle
  1. Drink it. Well that’s an obvious option. If you are in the mood or you are having people over the following day, the wine will certainly be fine for consuming.
  2. Sangria. This traditional Spanish beverage is a great way to change up the flavours of any type of wines. Throw in some fruits and juices and you have a refreshing drink for a hot summer’s day.
  3. Cooking. Wine can add a delicious rich flavour to a meal, whether it be red or white. Half a glass or more can create some wonderful flavours in dishes such as casseroles.
  4. Desserts. Many types of desserts call for wine in the recipe. Find something that tantalizes your taste buds and get the best of both worlds – wine with dessert!
  5. Punch. The luxury with many punches you taste are a concoction of various wine types, spirits, soft drinks, and juices. So create your own summer flavour.
  6. Gravy. What is a roast without a gravy? The addition of wine to a gravy, along with residual juice from the cooked meat will take your meal to the next level.
  7. Wine Icy Poles. Make your own popsicles! Be sure to keep them away from your kids though. Adults only.
  8. Make Ice Cubes. Pour left over wine into ice cube trays. Pop out when required for cooking or even for adding to a juice for a little twist.
  9. Champagne Breakfast. So, we don’t have the luxury of a Champagne breakfast every day but if you are lucky enough to stumble on such an occasion, like a breakfast around the Spring racing season or perhaps your birthday – a dash of left over champagne in your orange juice will give your taste buds a little tickle.
  10. Mulled Wine. Adding exotic spices or sweeteners to the wine and shimmering it creates a mulled wine. It can be served hot or warm. Traditionally mulled wine is made with reds however there are recipes that call for white wine too.10 Ways To Finish That Open Bottle

With all basis covered, from savoury to desserts, there is no excuse to dispose of the leftover wine in your kitchen. Happy creating!

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