In late 2018 Liebherr Appliances was featured in the online series of The Design Duo, and to say that we were thrilled would be an understatement.

Lead by interior designers Alisa and Lysandra Fraser, we watched in awe as they worked with their exceptional construction crew to transform a Victorian terrace house into a sophisticated, stylish home.

Albert Park’s Hidden Gem

Situated at Albert Park in Victoria, the Australian twins has created this luxurious multi-level residence that is absolutely intoxicating. And we mean that quite literally. This will be especially so for wine lovers when they discover the magnificent underground wine connoisseur’s cellar. Also built in underground is a cosy bathroom and surround-sound cinema fit for a king. Talk about hidden gems!

In Alisa and Lysandra’s own words, the best cellars should only have the best wine fridges in them. This is why the cellar can only be complete with two of Liebherr’s built-in undercounter wine cabinets, the multi-temperature UWTes 1672.

the design duo uwtes 1672

The Multi-Temperature UWTes 1672 Wine Cabinet

For all who appreciate good taste, temperature, humidity, vibration, and light are the most important elements of ideal wine storage. The UWTes 1672, a dual zone wine cabinet, addresses all four areas and is perfect for red, whites, and bubblies. And let’s not forget about the wooden shelves on telescopic rails that will allow you to smoothly slide out and access your fine collection. This compact unit boasts a digital temperature display with easy visibility through elegant tinted glass doors, and can be seamlessly integrated into your customised kitchen.

UWTes 1672 wooden shelves

The Design Duo Is A Must Watch

If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching The Design Duo series, we highly recommend you take the time. And we aren’t being biased… but episodes two, three and four are particularly exceptional!

At Liebherr we know our appliances are exceptional when it comes to quality, technology and design. In this instance we thought we’d leave the last word to the design experts Alisa and Lysandra:

LIEBHERR offers state of the art refrigerators and freezers that are distinguished by their minimalist yet robust design, which offer functionality and energy efficiency as well as taste and nutrient preservation. With a history synonymous to exceptional product quality, they lead the way with innovation therefore adding value to any kitchen design project, including ours.

the design duo uwtes 1672

Stay tuned as we introduce more refrigeration models featured in The Design Duo in upcoming articles. Meanwhile check out our website and savour the difference with a Liebherr.

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