Meet Birgit and Vincent King, the proud owners of a 45-year-old Liebherr freezer. Still running at almost half a century – or should we say still “chilling”! – the Kings felt compelled to reach out to Liebherr in 2018 after the search for a new refrigerator highlighted the “quality gem (they) have in their Liebherr freezer”.

Family Heirloom

Passed down from generation to generation, this freezer could be considered a family heirloom. Originally purchased by Birgit’s grandparents Paul and Olga Graumenz in Germany, it was gifted years later to her parents Siegfried and Brunhilde Schmandtke. About eight years ago the freezer took up residency with Birgit and Vincent.

During its lengthy life the freezer has travelled from Germany to Australia. Within Australia it moved multiple times in both Victoria and Queensland – with a total of 9 household locations!

Long-Time Charity Worker

Not only is the freezer a seasoned traveller, it is also a fully-fledged expert volunteer assistant. The true local heroes are Birgit, her husband, as well as her parents. In association with the Croydon Hills Baptist Church in Australia, they volunteer their time distributing bread twice a month to families in need. This includes the elderly and a group of cleaning staff (mainly Burmese) who work in factories in the area where Birgit’s brother works. Liz Angrove, the manager from Bakers Delight, kindly provides the leftover bread needed for this wonderful cause.

This is not a recent venture for the family by any means. For more than 20 years volunteer work has been a part of their lives. Originally Vincent’s parents started distributing leftover bread from the same store in association with the Salvation Army, with assistance from Birgit and Vincent. About 12 years ago Birgit and Vincent ventured out on their own and now manage their own twice monthly bread distribution (with her parents’ assistance). This is when the reliable Liebherr freezer became the perfect vessel for storing the bread once it came into their possession.

All We Need Is A Little TLC

Like all of us, we sometimes need a little extra tender loving care as we age. Over recent years this Liebherr freezer has undergone some DIY home repairs such as:

  • A hand painted facelift
  • A new handle (the original plastic handle disintegrated from wear and tear)
  • A new seal about ten years ago
  • The addition of some self-expanding gap filler to repair damage to insulation (after noticing two bottom drawers weren’t freezing). Bugs in Queensland caused the damage.

Serving The Community Without Fail

When this freezer was built, automatic defrosting had not been invented. The almost defunct freezer chisel gets a work-out with this manual defrost appliance, approximately every six months. Switch off to defrost and switch back on once defrosted – Birgit said it has never failed. And for that, this lovely family would like to thank “Liebherr and all the staff for making such a quality product that we have had the pleasure of owning over the last two generations”.

And Liebherr thanks you, Birgit and Vincent, for sharing your story and along with the community service you perform. We are grateful to be part of your families’ wonderful journey! In a day and age where we have become a somewhat disposable society, it is humbling as a brand to encounter a genuine, real life experience with a Liebherr appliance. It truly encapsulates the essence of Liebherr – quality, confidence, trust.