Günther Sproll, Marketing Director of Liebherr Appliances, receives prestigious award from CHIP’s Wolfgang Pauler.

The people have spoken and their favourite brand of refrigerator, is none other than, Liebherr. This is according to a survey done by CHIP, the leading gadget magazine in Germany. About 11,000 CHIP readers participated in the survey and elected Liebherr as the no. 1 brand in the “refrigerators” category, winning the title of “Manufacturer of the Year 2016/17”.

About 24.8% of the participants voted fore Liebherr, with 51.9% citing their confidence in the reliability of the brand’s appliances. 30.7% referred to the brand’s credibility and 23.3% of the participants stated that the main reason was the fact that the refrigerators are “Made in Germany.”

We are humbled and honoured that the people have placed their trust in us for over 60 years. And even when it comes to buying a replacement or additional refrigerator, consumers remain loyal to our company. It motivates us to work even harder and to continually improve in this field. So, thank you for your support and for choosing Liebherr! To know more about our latest appliances that will surely suit your lifestyle, visit