Imagine that you no longer have to keep track of your foods’ shelf life religiously and spend countless trips to the grocery store. How, you might ask. Well, it will soon be possible. Thanks to the latest development together with Microsoft. Introducing the Liebherr smart refrigerator that is able to recognise the products inside your refrigerator, determine the best conditions for food storage and voice control capabilities.

Liebherr SmartDeviceBox

Automatic product recognition

Smart refrigeration has been one of the highlight innovation of Liebherr at the International IFA electronics exhibition in Berlin. Its competitive advantage lies in the use of image recognition technology to identify the products placed inside. This allows you to keep track of the food contents inside your refrigerator without having to open the door. The necessary information will be displayed in a special application on your smartphone or tablet.

products inside the Liebherr Smart refrigerator

In addition, the new system allows you to plan your shopping list using information about the stored products in the refrigerator. For example, if you’re planning to cook a particular dish, and the refrigerator doesn’t contain the necessary ingredients – you can simply order them using the mobile application or voice commands.


These functions will be featured in all BluPerformance European range and will be integrated with a  SmartDevice Box. To recognize the product contents, a wireless camera and voice control is attached in the interior of the refrigerator – a Mia module is integrated with the use of Microsoft Cortana.

Liebherr Smart device camera

In cooperation with Microsoft, the leading company in advance graphic processing algorithms and proven in a wide range of products for image classification. Specialists in data analysis from Microsoft, together with representatives from Liebherr, developed a system for the product recognition inside the refrigerator. Data are based on the analysis of millions of similar images – allows to identify different types of objects, such as milk cartons, ketchup bottles, pickle jars and more.

Voice commands

Liebherr MIA

Automatic recognition of the products is not the only advantage of the Liebherr Smart refrigerator. The device can be controlled by voice command as well. This is made possible through the use of the wireless module, developed on the basis of Cortana platform from Microsoft. Cortana, acts as your voice assistant: will tell you what foods to eat in the refrigerator, will order the necessary ingredients, as well as give advice on how to store them properly.

Remote control

smart device on tabet

Now you can control your refrigerator without leaving the couch. You can conveniently do this using your smartphone or tablet. The SmartDeviceBox module allows you to receive messages about your refrigerator’s condition, remotely change settings, activate or deactivate desired functions, as well as receive notifications. You don’t have to worry if you left your refrigerator doors open while at work. You can simply check it from your smartphone. It’s really something to look forward to. 🙂

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