Have you met the latest cooling wonder by Liebherr? Timelessly elegant yet robust, read on to find out why the Monolith is built for the future.


For more than 60 years, Liebherr Appliances has been bringing outstanding quality and state-of-the-art innovation to the refrigeration industry. We continue to challenge the status quo with the introduction of Monolith, a ground-breaking innovation that is a literal tower of achievement in cooling technology. Standing at an impressive height of 2.1 metres, our latest cooling giant features superior energy efficiency, new food-saving advancements, and a sleek design to integrate seamlessly into your kitchen.

Designed to Impress, Built to Last

Like every Liebherr refrigerator, Monolith is tested in professional sound chambers to ensure that noise levels are kept to a minimum. Through German engineering, Monolith is designed to maximise every inch of refrigerator space. The durable and generous upper door compartments hold everything from salad dressing bottles to large beverage jugs – bearing a total weight of up to 40 kgs! In addition, the freezer door bins feature a unique design that allows cold air to flow more freely, which keeps temperature constant and optimises food preservation.

Super Freshness with BioFresh

Liebherr’s superior energy efficiency and intelligent features such as BioFresh technology takes Monolith’s advanced food preservation to a new level. The BioFresh-Plus drawers add another dimension of climate control to the BioFresh system by allowing you to set the temperature inside the third drawer to as low as -2°C. That’s the perfect temperature for preserving the freshness and flavours of fish and seafood, or for cooling down beverages!


A Crystal Spring in Your Kitchen

Seamlessly integrated into the Monolith door exterior is the InfinitySpring, an internal water dispenser designed to accommodate glassware of any size. It is the next best thing to having a crystal spring in your kitchen!


Commitment to Our Environment

As the race to preserve our environment becomes increasingly crucial, Liebherr has worked tirelessly to find greener ways to produce quality, sustainable products. Energy efficiency is at the heart of the ActiveGreen® commitment and this is reflected in every aspect of our design and manufacturing process. ActiveGreen® is also the assurance that every Liebherr appliance is built to last. We employ progressive practices such as 100 percent recyclable packaging and purifying water after production to ensure that it is pollution-free. Liebherr is proud to be the leader in manufacturing HCFC/CFC-free appliances in Europe.

Be Wowed by a Whole Array of Options


And when it comes to customisation, you have a whole array of options! Go for our gleaming stainless steel fronts or opt to have the appliance panel-ready to match your kitchen décor. There are also multiple size configurations and hardware styles that allow you to personalise your refrigerator from top to bottom. Here’s what Josef Steigmiller, Divisional Director of the Refrigerators and Freezers Division of Liebherr USA, Co. has to say about our newest innovation:

As a company with engineering at its heart, every touchpoint conveys a sense of quality and strength. Monolith continues our commitment to leading the premium refrigeration industry with intuitive design, and user-friendly features. Like all good design, it’s a beautiful testament to the idea that less is, indeed, more.

Visit the dedicated microsite for Monolith to discover our full range of features home.liebherr.sg/monolith.