Although everyone knows: white wine is to be served chilled, and red at room temperature. But when it comes to really fine wines, this notion is a serious over-simplification and will not do your wine justice. Learn how to store your wine with proper temperature, read on.

To ensure the perfect environment for your favourite wine, you have to comply with some important details. Yes, you can keep your bottles at any temperature, but proper tempering is critical to enjoy your wine at its finest. In fact, only a few degrees difference can have a significant impact on the taste of fine wines.

Connoisseurs and gourmet specialists usually store their wine in special high quality wine cabinets, which often have more than one temperature zone . Good practice dictates that the younger and sweet wine be served well chilled. On the contrary, with increasing density, maturity and consistency of flavours, the temperature should be higher.

A chilled serving temperature of 6°C is recommended for sweet, sparkling wines such as Moscato d’Asti. Lighter white wines such as Riesling from the Mosel have the best taste at 7°C. Dry and not so heavy white wines and champagnes should be stored at 8°C. Less subtle varieties, like the major white wines from the Burgundy region and the fuller bodied Chardonnays from California, need to be served one or two degrees higher. On a similar note, in the case of rosé wines: light, fruity wines with residual sugar is cooled at 7°C, while those with more complex structure and high quality must be raised by 1-2 degrees.

Red wine should not be served too warm

It’s a not uncommon to serve red wines too warm. Especially the light varieties such as Trollinger, Riesling or Portugieser – usually taste at their best straight from the cellar and so are best served at about 14°C.

Pinot Noir wines are classically served at 16°C, and this temperature is highly suitable for almost all medium bodied red wines.

It is only when wines have attained additional complexity and depth through aging that they should be served one or two degrees higher, e.g. the quality red wines from Burgundy. 18°C is the perfect temperature for drinking well-balanced, full bodied red wines, particularly Bordeaux wines, and also the great Italian wines such as Barolo and Brunello di Montalcino.

Really heavy wines from the warmer wine-growing regions of Southern Italy, Southern France and many of the Australian regions are best enjoyed at 19°C. But take note: red wine should never be served any warmer than 19°C or 20°C as the torridity of the alcohol begins to dominate, blurring the transparency of the flavours. Above these temperatures the characteristic multi-layered notes of really great wines simply be subdued.

You can easily forget the conventional wisdom for the storage of red wine at room temperature. Nowadays it is difficult to find residential area, where the temperature is below 19°C. Today, the room temperature is usually started at least 22°C.

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