The Liebherr SuperCool function provides the convenience of rapidly yet gently chill your foods and drinks with just a press of a button.

Liebherr SuperCool

So you’re done with shopping, the table and scene are all set – it’s party time!  But then you realised your salads, finger buffet and drinks are yet to be chilled. Which usually should be done the day before, saving you time – giving you one less to worry about, and allowing your buffest enough time to properly cool.

This is where Liebherr’s SuperCool function is a real bonus for moments like this. Depending on the appliance, this automatic feature reduces the refrigerator temperature to +2°C, +3°C or +4°C for up to twelve hours. At these temperatures food and drinks won’t freeze but are cooled as quickly as possible. Perfect when you’re just about to have a party!

Of course, this is just one example where this Liebherr innovation comes in handy. Press the SuperCool button before you go shopping. When you return home, your fridge will be cooled down to chill your fresh groceries faster.

SuperCool offers even more benefits

Temperature fluctuations in a refrigerator can affect the quality of stored foods. This happens when ‘warm’ food is introduced into the fridge- essentially, every time you put something into the fridge that doesn’t come from the freezer or from an area where the ambient temperature is below that of the refrigerator. This is not an issue with the automated SuperCool function as the low temperature (+2°C, +3°C or +4°C depending on the appliance) – and the speed at which items are cooled down help prevent such fluctuations.

The refrigerator will automatically revert back to its normal operating temperature after six or twelve hours, depending on the model. There’s no need to switch the SuperCool off manually. There’s nothing for you to worry about!

Liebherr SuperCool

Lookout for the SuperCool button on your Liebherr Appliance, which will look like or similar to this.

Check out our full range of appliances on our website and find the SuperCool equipped Liebherr refrigerator that fits your lifestyle.