With both National Day and Hari Raya Haji coming up this August, a long weekend break awaits us. If you are planning to travel, see that you give that endurance athlete in your kitchen a break, too. We are talking about your refrigerator that has been working hard to keep your groceries fresh round-the-clock! Read on to find out how to properly switch off your refrigerator before going on vacation.

switch of your fridge

Switching Off Your Refrigerator

You’d think it would be very straightforward: remove all contents, unplug the appliance, and you’re done. However if that’s all you do before switching off your refrigerator for an extended period of time, you will be in for an unpleasant surprise. Nasty odours could well develop, ones that are hard to get rid of.

Clean Your Fridge Thoroughly and Leave the Door Open

To prevent problems, clean your fridge thoroughly having switched it off. Most importantly, be sure to leave the door open until you’re ready to use it again. This prevents odours from taking hold.

HolidayMode: Switching Off Your Fridge While Keeping the Freezer Running

What if you want to deactivate the refrigerator compartment but leave the freezer running? After all, some of us do keep large batches of frozen food. With a Liebherr BioFresh fridge-freezer, this is now possible! Most of our premium appliances come with HolidayMode which regulates the refrigerator temperature to +15°C. This function uses far less energy than its normal mode, effectively preventing the formation of odours.

Before activating HolidayMode, you should remove all food from the refrigerator compartment and clean it out (refer to your appliance’s instruction manual).

Switching Off Liebherr IceMaker Appliances

If your Liebherr freezer is fitted with an IceMaker, an extra step is required. Before switching off the appliance, always bring the IceMaker into the cleaning position. Here, the ice cube tray faces downwards, allowing any water to drain away while preventing dirt from getting in while the refrigerator is switched off (check the operating manual for more information).

Once the IceMaker is in the cleaning position, unplug the appliance and clean both the appliance and the IceMaker. For models with a plumbed-in water connection, turn off the tap.

Enjoy Your Break!

And when you switch the refrigerator back on after returning from your holiday, do discard the first three batches of ice cubes. Follow the guidelines in this article and enjoy your break to the fullest!

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