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For the wine lovers, oenophiles

Vinidor WTes 5872 – Multi-temperature, award winning wine cabinetVinidor WTes 5872 – Multi-temperature, award winning wine cabinet

The Vinidor (WTes 5872) award winning cabinet is the best gift for people that wants only the best environment for their wines. It offers the ultimate flexibility and combines the advantage of both wine storage and multi-temperature wine cabinet in one single appliance. The WTes 5872 has 3 independent wine safes. Which means red wine, white wine and champagne can be stored simultaneously, all at their optimum serving temperature.

For the cigar aficionados

Humidor ZKes 453 – perfect humidity control for fine cigars.Humidor ZKes 453 – Perfect humidity control for fine cigars.

Constant temperature is vital for cigars. And most often, cigar aficionados consider cigars as their treasure or gem. Surprise them with only the best and perfect climatic conditions for their fine cigars with Liebherr’s Humidor (ZKes 453) and they will treasure you forever. The humidor temperature can be set from +16°C to +20°C, and set humidity from 68% to 75%.

For the foodies

ECBN 6256 – Integrated Frenchdoor, ultimate performance features

ECBN 6256 – Integrated Frenchdoor, ultimate performance features

For people who loves food and value freshness. They don’t just eat, to them eating is a journey where every single flavour is a whole new experience. Of course they also love to cook and serve people, because they like to share the food journey with the special people in their lives.

The Frenchdoor (ECBN 6256 or CBNes 6256) includes top of the line features such as BioFresh technology, DuoCooling system, NoFrost system and an automatic IceMaker. BioFresh, in particular, maximises the shelf life and preserves freshness of food for longer than normal. Which is why Liebherr’s Frenchdoor (ECBN 6256) has the ultimate performance features. The stylish answer to freshness.

For the all-around multi-tasker

SBSes 7165 – Five temperature zones in one applianceSBSes 7165 – Five temperature zones in one appliance

For those who can’t decide if they should buy a new fridge or reward their SO with a new wine cabinet. Get the best of both worlds with Liebherr’s SBSes 7165. It’s a Side-by-Side combined appliance with 5 different temperature zones in one appliance. Providing optimal storage for every kind of food and drink.

Highlighted features: Multi-temperature wine compartment (+5°C to +20°C ), NoFrost freezer compartment, automatic IceMaker and BioFresh-Plus technology. The BioFresh drawer can be reduced to -2°C for the perfect storage of fish or set to +6°C for tropical fruits storage.

For the party people

SICBN 3366 – Integrated fridge-freezer that blends perfectly in the kitchenSICBN 3366 – Integrated fridge-freezer that blends perfectly in the kitchen

For spontaneous parties and gatherings. Cool down drinks quickly with the SuperCool function and to make sure you never ran out of ice cubes, the IceMaker feature is the answer. The automatic SuperFrost function makes freezing food simple and energy-efficient. VarioSpace is a practical way to quickly make extra storage and accommodate bulky food items such as tier cakes or a whole turkey. All in all, Liebherr’s SICBN 3366 is the perfect fridge for the all-time host of parties and soirees. It perfectly blends in your kitchen which allows you to show off your custom kitchen design to full advantage. Now you can invite more people at home without having to worry that they’re rummaging your fridge. 😉

For the convenience seekers

wkb1712-20_m1_v2Barrique WKb 1712 – Always achieving the perfect serving temperature

Food and drinks access on demand. For when you’ve had a long day at work and you just want to be cosy with a glass of red wine with a perfect serving temperature. Barrique is ideal for storing not just wines, you can also store other beverages, cosmetics, chocolates, birds nest and other specialty food because of the adjustable temperature within the range of +5°C to +20°C. Equipped with FreshAir activated charcoal filters to ensure clean air to filter out odours.