slider_welcome_blog1Have fridges started to blog?! How many more appliances will we sell by using social media? Should we all be involved in social media nowadays? These are just a few of the many questions currently floating around our company. But what’s it really about? Well, it’s about you, our readers! This applies whether you are a Liebherr customer or a ‘not yet’ customer, whether you are an employee, or whether you’re just interested in fresh food and healthy living.


Liebherr Hausgeräte launches its spectrum of social media channels.

And freshness is a good place to start. We want our blog to be fresh and offer interesting stories about what drives us: keeping nutritious foods fresher for longer. We don’t just want this blog to show you that we develop and produce amazing, innovative refrigerators and freezers – we want it to give you something more… tips and ideas on food storage, recipes, design trends and more! We want to share our knowledge with you (and we have an endless array of stories to this end!). For example, do you know why apples shouldn’t be stored with other types of fruit? Or why screw-top wines really don’t deserve their bad reputation? Or what lies behind the latest food-sharing trend? And our stories and posts don’t come from agencies… they are researched, illustrated and written by our very own online editorial team.

One thing is particularly important to us: we don’t view communication as a one-way street, but rather as a dialogue. Therefore, it’s not only our experienced online editors who contribute to our blog, but also a few more other colleagues who are well-qualified to offer help and advice on refrigeration and freezing via the blog comments area and Facebook. And if you’re interested in a topic that we’ve not yet covered, please write to us; we’d love to hear from you.

We have launched our Facebook page as well, which will offer the latest information about lasting freshness and a service tab for quickly contacting our service engineers and customer service team. Our YouTube channel have already been online for a while. Links to the individual channels can be found on our social media overview page. In addition, both the overview page and the blog are responsive, meaning that they are fully functional on computers, tablets and smartphones. Take a look now!

We hope you enjoy browsing through our ‘world of freshness’! Happy reading!

Your Liebherr-Appliances Social Media Team

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